Warframe players can start building their own spaceship in latest update

Soon, Warframe players and their crew of shiny-helmeted chums will be able to take to the stars and engage in co-op space battles as part of the free-to-play sci-fi game’s highly anticipated Empyrean expansion. Ahead of that, however, developer Digital Extremes is giving players the opportunity to prepare for launch in its Rising Tide update, out now on PC.

In order to achieve lift-off when Empyrean lands later this year, Tenno will first need to gather – either working with clan members or alone – the resources required to construct their own Dry Dock. Once complete, this “an all-in-one workshop and garage” can be used to begin assembly of Warframe’s new Railjack ships – although they’ll remain grounded until Empyrean’s arrival. If you want to Buy Warframe Platinum safe, you can come to 5mmo.com for help. 5mmo.com is the best online store that has about 10 years of selling game currencies experience.

In order to construct a Railjack, players will first need to obtain help from “reluctant” AI, Cephalon Cy, who’ll assist in scouring the Origin System for lost Railjack technology. Quite how much scouring is required – and whether it’s realistically achievable for solo players – remains to be seen. Digital Extremes notes that, following the launch of the Empyrean update, Tenno will be able to fully customise their completed battleship with new weapons, parts, and mods.

Along with your new ship, the Liset landing craft is also getting some love. Basically it’s going to look prettier. A moonroof is being installed! Very fancy. Expect enhanced lighting and updated machines, too. New weapons, armour and cosmetics will also be added with the update.

You’ll have to hit up the marketplace for the new items, but the dry dock and ship will be available to everyone with the time to find the resources. While Digital Extremes says it’s possible to do solo, I expect the resource requirement will be pretty high, so it might be time for you lone wolves to consider a clan.

Rise of Kingdoms is still on the rise with a series of its increasingly improved features

Like many other strategy games, Rise of Civilizations is set in the war between world powers at a time when guns were not available. All wars at that time were won or lost based on the way of arraying, using the heads of the army, not relying too much on weapons like modern times, and that was the peak of tactical success.

Lost in the world of Rise of Civilizations, players will become the talented leader of one of the most powerful powers in the world including England, France, Italy, Korea, China, Germany, Spain or Japan and Rome. Obviously, each of the major powers will have its own unique strengths and weaknesses.
The most typical example is China with the fastest building ability, enabling players to develop an army rapidly, or Spain, which owns a powerful war horse force. has the highest defense index among the powers … Thereby, depending on his direction that each military leader can choose a suitable country.

In the early days, the main thing that players care about is how to build works as quickly as possible. In particular, the top priority is to produce works that bring resources such as rice, wood, gold, stone … followed by military works such as furnace, research workshop or hospital and even Guild building, which helps players contribute a part of their strength in the exploration of the world.

After all, Rise of Civilizations is still on the rise with a series of its increasingly improved features, promising to one day be ahead of the monumental games of Lilith Games, which Art Of Conquest Being the leader. Stay tuned to 5mmo.com and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap Rise of Civilizations Resources for players.