Animal Crossing: New Horizons latest update adjusts the egg rate drop

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is celebrating Easter through Bunny Day, an ongoing event that fills your island up with multiple types of eggs that you can collect. These eggs can be crafted into themed pastel items, which is a nice idea, except the sheer number of eggs got in the way of the base game experience — and players have been loud about that. Well, Nintendo is listening.

A update went live midway through the Bunny Day event, and according to Nintendo’s official Japanese patch notes — which we’ve translated via Google — the 1.1.4 update has “the appearance rate of some eggs adjusted.” In a follow-up bullet point, the website notes that eggs will be easier to collect on Easter, the final day of the event (April 12.) So, fewer eggs overall for now, but if you’re hurting to finish your DIY collection for Zipper, you’ll still get a chance to complete the Bunny Day set before the event goes away. A good compromise.

For the benefit of anyone who’s not currently playing Animal Crossing, the game is currently in the midst of its in-game “Bunny Day” event. It started on April 1st, and runs until Easter Sunday on April 12th. As part of the event, eggs are randomly appearing in the game, which you can use to craft charming in-game items. The problem is that they’re appearing way too much. It’s impossible to fish without constantly catching water eggs, or to go mining without finding dozens of rock eggs. It’s eggscruciating. If you are in need of Cheap ACNH Items, come to, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “5MMO”.

To Nintendo’s credit, the company has been quick to respond to issues with Animal Crossing: New Horizons a lot faster than most would expect. From the balloon spawn bug to this overabundance of eggs, Nintendo has been addressing concerns within a few days.But most importantly, now those that want to enjoy Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can do so, even if they have to look a little harder for eggs. While the more hardcore don’t have to watch as their villager catches 10 eggs in a row.

Bunny Day is the first major seasonal event for Animal Crossing, and will likely be followed by many more in the weeks to come. Each month also brings with it a changing roster of fish, bugs and other creatures to capture and sell or donate to the museum – so players always have something to do.

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