Black Desert Online opens its doors for game players

Currently, Black Desert has been released in Japan and Korea. black desert daum cash Russia server is the third server. Previously, we have wrote articles about how to play Black Desert Korean and Japanese VPN servers. For Korean servers, we can’t get Korean phone number and i-Pin that rarely players can play this Korean server. For Japanese servers, the registeration is very simple, but this game is blocking IP address. The saga of Black Desert Online’s Russian release just took a massive turn for the worse today, as a post that showed up on the MMORPG subreddit explains that the Russian publishers of the game.

GameNet, have been fairly tight-lipped about anything related to the previously promised pay-to-play server. According to this comment on a linked post, there are many threads—which the poster and this thread claim are quickly being removed by the moderation staff—with angry players who had invested in the 2500 Ruble Founder’s Pack—about $40 according to Google’s currency converter—only to find that it is now several days after the official launch of the free-to-play server and the server they had paid good money to access has not launched yet. Supposedly, the last statement they gave yesterday was essentially “We have no info about P2P server start, maybe it will start in a month or so.”

Perhaps even more surprising, however, is the fact that they have established an IP block, despite previously saying that they would not. Black Desert Online has today revealed its in-game store prices for cosmetic and vanity items and boy are they expensive. Black Desert Online opens its doors today for its Closed Beta  2 and with it, Pearl Abyss/Daum have revealed their pricing structure for the in-game store. Unsurprisingly many players have been anticipating what the costumes, vanity items and storage would cost and it has to be said, they’ve come as a shock to many.

The Desert is a big part of the Valencia area and players who enter the desert region will not be able to see themselves on the world map anymore meaning players must rely on their sense of direction in order to travel the desert. In addition upon entering the desert players receive a debuff which decreases a players health every 5 second until they die. Tents have also been added to the game which can be obtained from merchants for 10,000 silver. The tents act as cover from sandstorms that occur randomly in the desert that deals great damage to players.

There are powerful monsters that are above lvl 56 and become even stronger at night. Having originally launched in Korea as a free to play title, Black Desert Online’s creators set out to ensure that the game had no pay-to-win elements within its store. So far so good and with the exception of mini-pets being particularly useful, the store looks fairly well done. Unfortunately for those wanting to make purchases, it looks like they’re going to have fairly deep pockets.

We are very thankful for the help and we can’t wait for everyone to experience the full game when it launches next week.” A special contest and other activities are planned for bdo daum cash Black Desert Online’s release on March 3. These will begin on launch day and will continue to run until March 22. Here’s a short overview of what’s to expect: And the Oscar goes to… – Upload a Black Desert Online music video to the popular social media platform YouTube using the game’s original score and BGM. The best entries will win limited edition Black Spirit statues and T-shirts.

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