FIFA 19 Weekly Formation, Player Recommendation and Shooting Skills to Win the UT Mode

FIFA 19 to FIFA 18 is too much fun, too much real, 18 of the brainless low-shooting cancellation, let me in the first few days of the game, almost all kinds of shots do not enter into doubt about life, but think about it, this is in line with common sense, shooting More tricks, you need to master more shooting methods when shooting, power and angle must be in place, the other FIFA 19 heads, more than 18 enhanced, do not understand can buy a black Kaman beads machine, even Jin Kaji Lu went to experience it, and the header rate of the header was more than twice that of FIFA 18.

Shooting is one of the skills that can be said to be FIFA 19, no matter the inside or outside the restricted area, the goal rate is very high, and the situation is very high. Classmates, squatting first practice.

FIFA 19 UT Mode

Your Own Main Formation: 4231-2

4231-2 is actually an old acquaintance. In FIFA 18, it is 4231-2, and it is a bit of experience. In 19, the defensive advantage is not to talk about, up to 9 people in defense, offensive, both sides of the bottom or incision, between CAM and ST The small fits are all able to tear the opposite line of defense. In addition, the question Which is bad is not a problem, and there is no answer. Everyone will slowly find a formation that belongs to their own style of play.

At the same time, if you are behind, you can set a continuous forced play, which can give the opponent more pressure, such as the tactical setting of the overall offensive set by the landlord, that is, continuous forced + balance, the number of people in the restricted area is 6 grids, you can play high pressure Forcing the opposite to make mistakes, of course, this style of play may also be labeled as a brush, is a double-edged sword.

FIFA 19 gives you the feeling that the sidewalk is playing bigger, the previous 18 bars can not be narrower and the better the play, in 19 has been difficult to do, such as above 17. If you are you looking for more about FIFA 19 Coins check out our website. We have not met a 41212-2, professional players you do not just said that my actual experience, most of them are 4222, 4231, and even if it is 4231, 4222, most of the feeling for you, the width of the attack is also conservative more than 6 grid. 4231-2 is also relatively rare, 433 also has a small part.

FIFA 19 UT Mode is a very important choice of tactics, the ball control tactics are very flexible, and facilitates a short break between players and a quick breakthrough in offense. William: Practical, cost-effective, Mba is the first person below Salah, ready to change Salah in the near future.

Telles: The price is very high, the third LB below Marcelo Sandro. Fronch: The price is average, but RB has no weaknesses, physical strength and defensive and speed are very comfortable. Prince Raul: Except for faith, it is really easy to use, who knows who, do not know the screenshots above.

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