How to get Oceara in Temtem

Temtem has become a hit since coming out into Early Access. It shares more than a couple of similarities with Pokemon, meaning you’ll be heading out in the vibrant world to capture creatures to add to your powerful team. In case you’re after a great Water type Temtem, here’s everything you need to know about how to get Oceara in Temtem.

Oceara can only be found in one spot: at the pool beneath a small waterfall on the lowest floor of the Aguamarina Caves. The caves are easy enough to navigate, but it takes a bit of time to reach the lowest floor due to the tamers you have to battle along the way. Take note that the Aguamarina Caves are only accessible once you have the surfboard, a prize that Arissola dojo master Sophia gives you when you defeat her.

The Aguamarina Caves are located in the North of the Sillaro River. Set off from Brical de Mar and use the surfboard to traverse up the river towards the northwest. The mouth of the cave is near the top of the river to the far left. If you are in lack of Temtem Pansun, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

Once you are inside the caves head towards the top of the first cavern and through the entryway. This takes you to a second cavern which is a narrow, linear curve—go straight through this cavern. The next cave is the Waterfall Pool, a small pool at the bottom of a waterfall. There will likely be a handful of other players there for the same reason as you.

Now you’re here, you know the drill. Surf around and start bumping into Water Temtem until an Oceara shows up, it’s pretty rare, so it might take a while. Since Oceara is a Water-type Temtem it’s weak against Nature, Toxic, and Electric Temtem. It’s best to stick with Nature Temtem since they can take the Water attacks and also have attacks that do little damage. It’s best to bench your Ganki—one of the best Temtem—since there’s a chance that its powerful attacks will one-punch Oceara to a premature and watery grave.

In short, to get Oceara in Temtem

1.    Head to the Aguamarina Caves

2.    Use to Surfboard to get to the Waterfall Pool

3.    Wander around to encounter Oceara, then catch it

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