MapleStory 2 Mushroom Island Survival Game Skills Sharing and How to Win

Start with a spaceship and try to choose a small and remote area to land. Don’t join the battle to collect more treasures on the roadside or get more skills. Try to be close to the poisonous circle and run slowly according to the time of brushing. Use the grass and architectural terrain to capture the enemy’s vision, and try to be ashamed of development and wait for the players on the map to decrease.

When testing in the grass, it is recommended to use a wide range of flame waves or a wide range of bombings that can damage the explosion. When the players are gathered in one place, implement a strategic retreat, transfer hatred as much as possible, and let other players hurt each other to take advantage of the fishermen. It is recommended to use magic bombs and long-distance skills of high-injury instant-eyes. At close range, it is recommended to use a wide range of flame waves that are not easy to be evaded by the walking position, and remember the blood and the playback in the battle.

Really Like MapleStory 2

Just Playing Front

The opening falls to the place where the players get together, and through the operation, the player is quickly killed to get a lot of skills and medicines from the tombstone. The map poison circle is refreshed and the mount is used to enter the circle. In important passages, the terrain advantage such as grass is used to ambush and kill the passing players. Try to hide yourself through the bunker in the battle circle, waiting for other players to fight each other and reduce the number of players.

About Choosing a Career

It is recommended that the test water game does not intend to invest too much energy and resources, choose the assistant profession of the pastor or the knight. Choose a priest to learn to be a milkman. If you don’t die, you will be fine. The rider is slightly more difficult to get started than the pastor, and you still need to practice a lot.

If you really like MapleStory 2, decided to spend more energy to play this game, it is recommended to choose Berserker in the melee and remotely choose the Assassin. If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos, you could call us at our own webpage. If you want to choose another career, it doesn’t matter, every career has other ways to go.

Excluding the knight and the nurse because these two professional equipment can be used at random are four genres:

Anti-wear, blast preferred for sheet metal.
Wear-proof, far-injury near-injury see career If you like to contribute to the team, this genre is the first choice.
Anti-wear, leader injury not recommended for each output career, assassin is not recommended.
Burst, leader injury not preferred for the Golden Assassin, other occupations are not recommended.

It is not recommended to play the adventure book yourself. Although the chaotic agate crystal agate is now very serious, it is still a necessary consumable. It should be better used 30 times a week. In addition to pure casual players who don’t care about making copies, the current standard for fashion gemstones is a set of 3 levels.

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