Three Steps to Get to Neverwinter Lvl 70 Within One Month

Neverwinter is a noob friendly video game, everyone can start easily and quickly to reach lvl 30, but the further levels aren’t so joyful compared with beginning stages. So, are you still struck at level 60 and can’t figure out a way to level 70? You should know to reach max level isn’t a piece of cake even if you Buy Neverwinter Zen from our site. But this Guide includes Quest, Farm Map, Weapon Selection, Skill Tree Upgrade, and Cheap Zen Store recommend, it’s comprehensive and we hope it will help you to lift your level rapidly.


You can go following dungeons or quests every day, some of them are repetitive quests, some can be only done one time.


  1. Find a low level partner to farm, system will think you are helping other gamers and give extra exp to you. This called baby account.
  2. A Matter of Dwarves and Farms. This starts the Dwarven King/ RA Salvatore quest line, which serves as a precursor to the Underdark campaign. While you can’t really start that until you hit 70, the quests are available at 60. It’s also the precursor to Maze Engine, which for some ridiculous reason is put lower in the window. If you care about story at all, the only way the Maze Engine story makes sense is if you do these quests first.
  3. Going to Seed. This is the start of the Elemental Evil campaign, which will be the bulk of your leveling to 70, and where much buttkicking for goodness occurs.
  4. Follow mainstream quests, although you can’t get too much experience, you will get good weapons for your current level that helps you to grind easier. Now, you can do this before the Dwarven King Chain, but that’s a bit like reading The Return of the King before you read The Fellowship of the Ring. If you don’t care about story, by all means, do this first. But if you’re like me and actually do care about the story in a game, start with the Dwarves and Farms chain.

Neverwinter lvl 70 Guide

Also, a new quest opens given by Jarlaxle, who is standing near the giant front door of Protector’s enclave, near a wagon. Speak to him to initiate the Vault of the Nine quest, which rewards you with your class artifact. Once you complete it, every new character you make now can claim their own copy of that artifact from the Reward Claim Agent in PE. There are no secret to level up fast, all those crazy leveling friends, they never sleep or go washroom, and they only live in cyberspace. It’s worth it, though! If you don’t have zen to get yourself a mount, them come and buy Cheap Neverwinter Zen at We are the cheapest online in-game currency store.


Sharandar quest unlocked at lvl 64, this is a lucrative quest and you can speculate a lot from it. This leads to the Sharandar campaign and your next source of boons and other goodies. If you start this at 64, you can have one or two boons at least by the time you get to 70. It’s also time-gated, so it’s something you can do a little bit of each day to progress. The boons are terribly slow to pick up, and purchasing the armor and weapons only slows that down more, but you will have to gauge your style of game play and your character class to figure out if you need to do that or not.


At 55 you can start the Spinward Rise portion of the Elemental Evil campaign. In order to get the entrance material for the Spinward Rise, I suggest you complete the main quest line in this zone. The reward at the end is your first artifact weapon, and it’s relatively easy to get. Also, the gear set you get here can carry you over until you start getting gear from seals. If you buy Cheap Neverwinter Zen from our online store, you can skip above points and reach max level easily. Please share our site to your friends if you feel good about our service.

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