Speaking of some problems about 16 FIFA coins

When it comes to the FUT coin selling saga much of the ground is already well trodden, especially by yours truly. Coins sellers are evil. EA however have now for the second year running seemingly decided to admit defeat in their battle against bots and auto-buyers by closing their front facing web and mobile apps indefinitely for ‘maintenance’. A lot of people have asked me ‘when will they be back?’ But would it be such a great loss if market trading via the web and mobile apps never came back at all?

We all know that contract cards are extremely important. fifa points account EVERY FIFA 16 UT player needs a contract card, no matter their skill set. These cards are the very things that allow you player to play on matchday when his matches hit zero. They are arguably the most important consumable in the game, which is why you should you use them to your advantage since there’s ALWAYS going to be a demand for some contract cards. Buy 20 or so cards at a time, all for around the same price (e.g Buy 20 cards for 200 coins each) then sell them off for about 300-500 coins for a MASSIVE profit. Selling contract cards will always be a surefire way to earn money because the demand will always be there.

Here are some miscellaneous tips that don’t fit under one category. Stay up to date with our fifa guide and what’s going on in the footballing world. If Diego Costa or any other player happens to be on a fine run of form or had a good game, that would be a good time to sell him (if you have that card of course) and balloon up the prices. Keep listing your cards throughout the day. Don’t give up because one auction failed. Lastly, don’t expect to get rich quick. All these methods require time and PATIENCE. That’s how the coin sellers ‘get in’ to exploit the game after all, where they then directly impact performance and pricing for all of us.

The action to permanently shut up shop would be classed as severe for sure, but perhaps EA are fed up of fighting a battle they plainly can’t win? Maybe they feel that retreating to the relative safety of consoles is best for all parties, and it quite possibly is. However, blaming coin selling for all of FUT’s problems would be very closed minded indeed, so I’d like to take things right back to basics on coin selling with a simple question. Why do honest FIFA gamers want to buy illegal FUT coins? Because without any demand, there can be no supply regardless of whether online stores are open or closed.

With FIFA 16 launch approaching this is a good time to give you an update on the steps we are taking to improve FIFA Ultimate Team™ (FUT) so that it’s a fair, fun and secure experience for everyone. In order to properly regulate player prices and better ensure a level playing field, we have adopted a two-strike ban policy for FIFA 16. Buying FIFA Ultimate Team “mule” accounts that are pre-loaded with illegitimate coins or FIFA Points from third-party websites will result in a permanent online ban from all EA games. As these accounts are created illegitimately by coin-sellers they are considered coin-seller accounts.

A “Comfort Trade” is a coin-selling method where you give coin-sellers permission to log into your account in order to acquire illegitimate coins. Once a coin-seller takes control of your fifa 16 coins account they utilize botting methods to acquire these illegitimate coins. This essentially makes your account a bot account in our security systems and will lead to a permanent online ban for all EA games. In order to fairly regulate player prices and better ensure a level playing field, we will adopt stricter bans on coin promoters. Going forward, the FIFA accounts of coin promoters will receive a permanent FIFA online ban.

FIFA 16 still faces some problems that need to be solved

FIFA is the world’s most successful and famous football game, and FIFA 16 is the next-generation iteration of the game – out today. Despite being a dyed-in-the-wool Pro Evo fan I am excited about FIFA 16, and not just because it includes for the first time what can only be described as lady players. Indeed, my experiences reviewing FIFA 15 and 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil have converted me: these days FIFA kicks ass. Royally so. fifa points account On this page we explain when FIFA 16 will be released in the UK (and worldwide), how much it will cost, and some of the best new features.

You can find out more about what EA announced at this year’s E3 by rewatching the EA keynote from E3 2015. PS3 owners are annoyed that the FUT mode in FIFA 16 is still not working for them. The servers have not been kind to PS3 users of the game. A NeoGAF thread was created with many owners of the game annoyed that EA has yet to address the issue as it has been days since they’ve been updated on the problem. FIFA 16 is a popular game and one would think a problem like this would have been solved already.

The user sent this message so that more people are aware of this problem: “Some of you may be aware, Ultimate Team on Fifa 16 PS3 has been down for most users for 12 days now. The short of it as I understand is that EA accidentally gave lots of players 2,000,000 coins as a daily log in bonus and deactivated the whole service for about a week. Unfortunately, not all current generation console owners get to take advantage of EA Access. EA Access is completely exclusive to the Xbox One on living room consoles.

Sony has said publicly that it didn’t see value in the service; it decided not to work with EA on the service. It’s also worth noting that the PS4 has a dedicated video game rental service of its own, called PlayStation Now. They claim that it is back on for most users whilst they analyse the remaining accounts, but based on Twitter I know this problem is widespread! At the moment, it appears that EA have no intention of fixing this issue at all.” The user created a Twitter page so that EA notices the problem and fixes FUT for FIFA 16 on PS3. EA has yet to update PS3 owners on the situation.

The last thing EA wrote on the issue was last month on November 27th. They posted: “We’ve reviewed the majority of affected accounts and restored their access to FUT. If you still cannot access FUT on PS3, please be patient while we continue working through this process. Clicking the right stick in-game allows you to toggle trainer mode. If you’re a series veteran just looking to get stuck in the action, you’d do well to switch it off. Newcomers can learn a lot by keeping it on. Either way, it’s on by default and can be customised according to your skill level.

FIFA 16 is out now! Here in the UK you can get hold of EA’s new football game from today (24 September 2015). That is a few days after our American cousins get their soccer fix, but we had football long before they did so I suppose it is only fair. The full release schedule is US and Canada on September 22, 2015, followed by more of South- and Central America, buy fifa points Australia, and most of Europe on 24 September, 2015.