How To Level Up Your Character In Dofus

In the world of DOFUS, defeating monsters, completing quests, or unlocking achievements gives you experience points. After accumulating a certain number of experience points, your character will gain a level. You can check the experience bar in the “Characteristics” tab [TAB ICON] to follow your progress. Experience is also directly visible in the interface at the end of fights and is permanently displayed in the interface in the lower left.



First of all, you distribute your characteristic points from the “Characteristics” tab. These points can be used to improve the following characteristics of your character: Vitality, Wisdom, Strength, Intelligence, Chance, and Agility. Each characteristic has its own specific purpose, so you must choose! The number of points required to increase one of the characteristics varies depending on your character class and the current value of the characteristic in question. Vitality lets you increase your character’s Health Points.

Your character’s Wisdom lets you gain more experience points at the end of fights, as well as maximizing your Dodge and your ability to reduce Action Points and Movement Points.
Strength increases Earth and Neutral damage. It also increases the number of items your character can carry in their inventory.

Intelligence increases Fire damage, damage protection, and heals.

Chance increases Water damage. It also increases the character’s Prospecting (the characteristic which increases the chances of winning items in combat: 10 Chance for 1 Prospecting).

Agility increases Air damage. It also lets you increase your odds of getting out of Lock zones, of Locking your enemies, and scoring Critical Hits.


You also get a spell point at each level. These points let you increase the efficiency of your spells in the Spells tab [ICON]. You only need a single point to get a spell to level 2, and the levels after that become progressively more expensive. Be thrifty and look over all your currently available spells as well as the ones you’ll unlock later in order to decide where best to invest your spell points.


As your character’s level increases, you’ll have access to more and more equipment, which can be crafted by crafters. Each piece of equipment has a level which is displayed in the inventory. In order to wear it, your character’s level must be equal to or higher than the item’s.

Check the encyclopedia to see where and how to obtain equipment which will give your character the characteristics they’re after. It’s a great way to become even more powerful!