Here are objectives that need to be completed to gain the Fellaini Rulebreakers card in FIFA 22

EA has just released a new batch of cards on their Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode traditionally released around Halloween and recently replaced the Ultimate Scream cards that we saw in both FIFA 19 and FIFA 20.

As part of the Rulebreakers promotion, the developers of FIFA 22 have released a brand new objective featuring central midfielder Marouane Fellaini.

Weekly objectives and SBCs are a popular means to achieve highly-rated players on FUT instead of the conventional method of opening card packs. FIFA 22 players do enjoy testing their luck with card packs every now and then, as seen in the FUT community.

Fellaini FIFA 22 Rulebreakers Missions
This is the first objective set mission in the Rulebreakers where the players need to complete certain tasks in order to unlock the card.

Team 2 set of Rulebreaker cards just released and the Marouane Fellaini is one of them. The Card sits at a OVR of 85 with decent-high stats across the board. The complete list of stats include:

Pace: 88
Shooting: 84
Passing: 77
Dribbling: 87
Defending: 80
Physicality: 80

Here are the stats for the Fellaini Rulebreakers card itself:


Overall – 88
Acceleration – 83
Sprint Speed – 90


Positioning – 97
Finishing – 86
Shot Power – 88
Long Shots – 75
Volleys – 79
Penalties – 75


Vision – 80
Crossing – 67
Free Kick – 51
Short Passing – 87
Long Passing – 75
Curve – 71


Agility – 50
Balance – 99
Reactions – 99
Ball Control – 99
Dribbling – 82
Composure – 93


Interceptions – 75
Heading – 98
Def. Awareness – 77
Standing Tackle – 81
Sliding Tackle – 77


Jumping – 77
Stamina – 75
Strength – 83
Aggression – 81

It’ll be interesting to see how mаny gаmers choose to complete the SBC, given Fellаini’s lаck of nаturаl chemistry knowledge outside of his Belgiаn nаtionаlity. However, there аre some excellent options, such аs Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukаku, аnd Dries Mertens, who cаn link up with Fellаini to form а strong аttаcking lineup.

However, the player’s least impressive stats in passing (77) is not bad compared to his FIFA 22 counterparts in central midfield. Fellaini’s playstyle isn’t reliant on his low attributes in FK accuracy (51) and crossing (67) either.

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