We will give tips and the latest spot spots of Toram Online

Leveling up in Toram Online is a quite importat thing for players, and players always want to figure out the tips to level up quickly. Today, we will list some best tips to help you to level up fast in Toram Online.

The best way to level is doing main quest. Set all bosses to easy and hire a high level merc and it goes pretty fast. Next best way is killing bosses on ultimate or nightmare difficulties which are within 4 levels of you. Next is killing mobs within 4 levels of you. Slowest (but arguably easiest) way of leveling is side quests, namely bnut farming quest from levels 25 – 55, and Nightmare Crystal farming quest at level 55+.
Toram Online
Choosing Gear
What is an Rpg game without gears and items? It’s trash. Yeah, all rpg games including Toram Online wields variety of gears and items that we can use to advance through the story. Even when you’re level 100 but you can’t always defeat a level 60 boss with barehanded and no skills. You need gears and that’s what you need until you finished the story.

So… How to find a perfect gear you say? Well, a perfect gear to use is a gear that can inflict high damages to monsters, enhanced your stats and have slots for crysta. I’m not forcing you to buy or make a perfect gear, just a weapon with intense damage and an armor that protects would do. Once you advance deeper into the game’s storyline, you’ll find how important perfect gears is. How to get them? okay okay. You can either buy them from z2u.com or the consignment board for a price or just try your luck by creating them using your blacksmith skills or just hand the materials over to the blacksmith. There, you need just hope and effort to get them since they are not falling from the sky like rain.

Similarly while leveling up skills, only level up the skills you need and don’t waste points.

Now let’s talk about leveling. Completing the Main Quest can be the best option for leveling as it gives a lot of Experience. You can easily reach level 120 by completing the main quest. Once you complete the main quest till ‘Chapter 3: The Ancient Empress’, you can take a quest named ‘Pride Of The Rich’ from Lefina in Sofya City.

For this quest in Toram, you will have to collect a stack of Nightmare Crystals which can be farmed from Nightmare Roar in Ancient Empress Tomb: Deepest Part.

Spina is the name of the currency in the game. As a beginner the best way for earning Spina is farming Minotaur Skins at Ruined Temple: Forbidden Hall from Boss Minotaur.

A stack of Minotaur Skins sells for 150,000 spinas or more on Consignment Board.

If for some reason Minotaur Skins aren’t sold, you can submit them to Lefina in Sofya City for quest named ‘Proof Of Courage’.

Take the Daily Emblem Prize
Before you move to the level up, you better take the bonus daily emblem prize first because the prize is an additional exp of 50%. Not bad than nothing at all? So what daily emblem should be taken?

That’s it, I hope this will be useful as a Beginner’s for Toram Online.Also… I recommend to ask your friends or guildmates to help you with gears just to complete a boss fights. This suggestion is optional and also have 40-60 chance of success on getting a new gear xD.