FIFA 18 Career Mode: Everything You Need to Know

EA Sports’ wildly popular football game releases later this week and we’ve got the lowdown on the fiendishly addictive career mode.

We all dream of winning the Premier League with our favourite club… and you’ll soon be able to live out your dreams on FIFA 18, which comes out later this week!

Be you a fan of a giant, such as Manchester City, or a supporter of a minnow, like Forest Green Rovers, you can forge a path to glory in Career mode, either on September 26, if you’ve pre-ordered the Ronaldo or Icon edition, or three days later if you’re buying the standard edition.

EA Sports have focused heavily on Career Mode this year, introducing a host of new features to make the game more addictive than ever.



This is a big one. FIFA’s transfer system has long consisted of searching or scouting for a player, clicking on their name, and deciding whether to make a transfer bid or a loan offer. Well, no more!

Now, with interactive transfer negotiations, managers will be able to sit down with their opposite number and table an offer face-to-face. If successful, you’ll be able to negotiate with the player and his agent as you look to strike a deal on personal terms.

It looks incredibly good, and feels responsive and fluid, but if you’re a delegator then you can tell your assistant to do the negotiations – though be prepared to pay a little bit more if he isn’t as good as you are!


A cosmetic addition, but a remarkably cool one, FIFA now allows players to see their latest signings unveiled. Signed Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid? You’ll see him holding your team’s shirt at a press conference, plus their new line-up shot.

Furthermore, EA have added dynamic Player of the Month clips so your best players will hold the league’s awards aloft, as well as clips to accompany the winning of a division.


Fancy yourself as a tactician? Head into team management before a game and set up three quick subs.

Think you’ll need a new striker on 70 minutes? Assign a quick sub. In need of fresh legs on the wing in case the scores are tied? Assign a quick sub. You’ll then be able to bring players into the game at a break in play without having to pause the game.

It works brilliantly both offline and online, but it adds an extra tactical dimension to single player.


FIFA’s career modes have often felt a bit of a drag. Get through 10 games, and then each match begins to feel the same.

EA Sports have tried to do something about that this year, though, by introducing Team Styles. Playing against Barcelona, who love their tiki-taka game, and Liverpool, who love to press, will feel completely different to each other, and that’s a major step forward.


Skill games have always been great fun, and FIFA 18 has over 15 more to play through as you try to build up your young stars.

You can also create drills and assign them to players or groups, meaning your defence can be well-drilled, and your midfielders all equally silky on the ball.

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FIFA 18 Tips: How to Earn FIFA Coins Quickly with Transfers

If you’re struggling to earn FIFA Coins then you’re not going to get very far in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Fortunately for you, as part of our growing guide to FIFA Ultimate Team, we have a simple and effective plan to earning coins quickly and efficiently. Once you’ve gotten your head around earning coins, you’ll be ready to start spending them on the best teams in FIFA 18. But remember, the best teams really take advantage of chemistry and how it works.


Play the transfer market – Player Popularity

If you play it right, the transfer market is the best way to earn coins fast. Just like the stock market, prices fluctuate based on supply and demand and are further influenced by current events.

A player that nobody is even looking at might put a string of outstanding performances together in real-life and have a breakout year. These players in FUT will increase in value accordingly as managers want to be seen to be on the cutting edge and include the most fashionable players in their team. Think N’Golo Kante and Riyad Marhez a couple of seasons ago, or Timo Werner and Gabriel Jesus from last season.

As such, it pays to keep an eye out for these players in real-life and add them to your team as quickly as possible while they’re still cheap. Then you can sell them on for a huge profit as their popularity grows.

Play the transfer market – Buy to Sell

Another way to game the transfer market is to take advantage of inefficient pricing used by some managers when selling their players.

What you want to look for is players listed on the transfer market for a ‘Buy Now’ price lower than the typical ‘Buy Now’ price. To find this simply highlight a player within the transfer market, click the ‘Compare Price’ button and look at their average Buy Now prices.

For instance, while typing this I am seeing Buy Now prices for Chelsea’s Pedro ranging from 10,000 coins down to 5,200. This is an incredibly inefficient market and you can take advantage of that.

What you want to do here is buy at 5,200, then relist immediately for a few hundred coins more than that – maybe 5,500 to 5,700. You’re offering a much lower price than the average, meaning you will get a buyer quickly, but you’re still turning a quick profit.

To make serious money from this method you need to turn over high volumes by buying and transfer listing lots of players at the same time. It is, though, a guaranteed method of getting rich in FUT.

Play the transfer market – Trade at odd hours

Everyone is going to be scouting the best players for the best prices on the weekends and in the evenings after work or school, so avoid those times.

The best bargains are found in the early hours of the morning and in the middle of the day during weekdays (apart from lunch times) when most people are otherwise occupied.

This drop in demand means you’ve got more chances of grabbing yourself a bargain. To help you stay on top of the transfer market during these kinds of hours when you’re likely to be away from your console you can turn to the FIFA 18 web app for help.

Use the Web App

The web app is accessible to everyone with an EA account and a copy of FIFA 18. It’s worth setting up an account to use the web app simply to get the free coins that are dished out for each daily login.

You can also use it to manage your transfer activity when you’re away from your console, so if you’re trading a lot then it makes your life easier in that regard.

Sell everything you don’t need

It sounds obvious, but don’t forget to sell everything that you don’t need. If you’re opening lots of packs and concentrating on making a profit from the transfer market it’s easy to forget that you’ve probably got cards lying about that you don’t need.

Put these to work by listing them on the transfer market. If you don’t think you can sell them at all then use the quick sell option to get rid of them immediately and make space for new, more profitable cards.

You don’t make much using the quick sell option, but you’re better off freeing up space than restricting yourself in future if a good opportunity comes along.

FIFA 18 is the Biggest Justification for the Nintendo Switch Yet

There’s an old saying about cameras: the best one is the one you have with you. Unfortunately, the same is rarely said about video games. Despite rapid advances in the power of smartphones and tablets, mobile gaming has rarely exceeded relatively simple puzzlers and platformers, and are a long way from competing with console or PC iterations.

Enter the Nintendo Switch, a console that finally offers that promise, and FIFA 18, perhaps the biggest test to date of the Switch’s potential as a serious contender for gaming beyond Nintendo’s own limited if often delightful offerings and indie favourites like Stardew Valley.

On Xbox One and PS4, FIFA 18 is, yet again, the best outing of the franchise to date. It’s sumptuous to look at, including full motion capture of some bigger names, such as new franchise star Cristian’s Ronaldo. The AI is smarter, dribbling tighter; there is, inevitably, a smattering of new features, and excellent, cameo-packed follow on to last year’s cutscene-heavy The Journey, in which players shape the career of rising Premier League star Alex Hunter.


The Switch iteration was always going to be a test. Nintendo’s portable machine apparently can’t handle EA’s Frostbite engine, so FIFA on Switch has its own proprietary build – and no Journey. The graphics are simpler, particularly noticeable in textures (blades of grass; the fabric of players’ shirts) and lighting. But the graphics have a crisp, bright feel – the real player faces are all there. And although early versions are somewhat mired by graphical bugs, these are being ironed out. In short: you won’t really care, because the gameplay is all there.

On the pitch, FIFA for Switch feels remarkably similar to the full-sized console version – it’s a deep and gloriously entertaining football simulation. Any comparative limitations in graphical power are easily compensated by the ability to lift your career mode from the dock and keep playing on the go. It’s deep and satisfying; prepare for endless questions from fellow commuters (“Is that FIFA? How is it?”) as they look on in envy. Even the split Joy-Con multiplayer is a pleasingly diverting option that won’t ever replace local multiplayer on consoles, but will keep you going on a long train journey.

In fact, FIFA for Switch is a triumph, a validation of Nintendo’s vision: that, much like smartphones, consoles are increasingly all the same, separated by a few small differences in looks and power. Nintendo’s bet is that the ability to play in portable mode outweighs the lack of a 4K option. And, moreover, that gamers are increasingly divided into two subsets: the online player base who can pour hours into Ultimate Team or Elite: Dangerous, and the time-starved, mobile gamer, who may not have time for a 6 hour Destiny raid but finds too many smartphone games shallow and empty.

The challenge remains for Nintendo to sell enough consoles for more developers to follow EA Sports’ example. (And to fix its online experience. Seriously, that Wi-Fi interface is criminal in 2017 and the lack of SIM connectivity options feels like an oversight.) It’ll take plenty more franchises to close the gap with the other console manufacturers. But if presented with the option of a 4K iteration or one I can play anywhere? I know I’ll be choosing the latter.

How to Earning More Coins and Building your Squad in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

There’s no bigger gaming series in the world than FIFA. Yet its most popular mode, Ultimate Team, can appear overwhelming to the casual player, with social media lexicon as indecipherable as Ba-Shu scripts: “Packed SIF Messi from the Sivasspor SBC! Flip or hold?”

The guide below is intended to change that. In addition to getting up to speed on the secret language of FIFA 18, you’ll be able to quickly compete with the elite, and rack up gold coins as swiftly as Craig Dawson does yellow cards.


FUT basics: Chemistry, cards, and special editions

Ultimate Team blends competitive matches, played online or off, with digital-card collecting. The difference from your Panini years is its player cards have attributes: you build a squad from them, then take them into those competitive matches. Cards can be acquired either through opening packs, or buying and selling from/to other human players in an auction market. As with real football, the better the player’s attributes, the more he’ll cost you.

It’s not only attributes that matter, however. By placing players of the same club, league or nation next to one another in your team, you increase its ‘chemistry’ – a measure of how well players work together on the pitch in areas such as pass accuracy.

As the real-life season progresses, special cards are released into the market for a limited time, which is where that ‘SIF’ term stems from: it means Messi’s ‘second in-form’. So while his standard card has an overall rating of 93, a strong weekend performance in real-life might earn him a 94-rated ‘in-form’ card in the Team Of The Week, released every Wednesday. Another impressive performance later in the season would then earn a 95-rated card – his second ‘in-form’, hence ‘SIF’. Yes, TIF and FIF cards exist too.

The current Team of the Week can be found online, you should be using it to find new players to add to your squad that might fit in, in the limited time they’re available.

FUT short-term tactics: How to quickly boost your coin balance

The packs mentioned earlier, from which you acquire cards, come in three types: gold, silver, and bronze. Although the better players are found in gold packs, you should never buy them; because far more gold packs are opened than any other type, the cards found within are terrible value on the secondary market. Sustained play unlocks gold packs in other ways, such as Squad Building Challenges (which we’ll get to), and shrewd market work will eventually earn you enough coins to buy any player.

To expedite your coin making at the outset, click R3/RS and unlock all FUT bonuses available to you in the FIFA Catalogue. These can be worth up to 1000 extra coins per match. Then focus all your early coins on buying bronze packs – and, when you’re feeling a bit more wealthy, silver packs.

Place players from the Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Calcio A and La Liga straight on the market – ensuring you hit the ‘Compare Price’ option for each before doing so, to guarantee you’re getting at least market value. Stash all other players in your club. Also transfer-list all Injury healing cards, Player Fitness cards, and Squad Fitness cards. The latter will eventually sell at a minimum Buy Now price of 1,400 coins; a profit of 930 (EA takes a small sales tax) from that 400-coin pack price.

FUT long-term tactics: SBCs and discard in-forms

The reason for stashing all players when you open bronze and silver packs is that eventually these cards have value far beyond the price paid for them. That’s a result of the other term referenced earlier: ‘SBCs’. Squad Building Challenges require the submission of sets of cards according to specific conditions, in order to earn attractive rewards. So a gold pack might be given in exchange for a team comprising two leagues and two nationalities, collectively rated 78 or over.

Every weekend, the focus of SBCs is Marquee Matchups. This is a set of challenges inspired by fixtures taking place that weekend: so Manchester City vs Manchester United would likely require submission of an all-Premier League team containing a player from each.

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Will EA Sports Give More Bespoke FIFA 18 Covers to More Clubs

Recenty, there is a speculation involved in customization Version for certain football club, since EA Sports has already done a unexpected thing by giving their own FIFA 18 Cover to a fooball club. So, a hot rummor has been spreaded widely those days, it says EA Sport will give more FIFA 18 Cover to some club, but no one knows which club will receive another FIFA 18 Cover, and what does the customization FIFA 18 Cover look like ?

a sleek Ajax edition which announced by with Eredivisie side’ face appeared on the red cover created quite a stir. Ajax’s eSports without any sign of weakness, it posted Koen Weijland and Dani Hagebeuk to draw audience’s attention, it turns out they managed to make it work.

There is still no official announcement about whether EA Sports will give those customization cover to club or not, but fans will be glad to see the application of customization cover.

fifa 18

If more were introduced, they would likely be sold via club websites, as per Ajax, rather than from mainstream retailers.

If previous years are anything to go by, theFIFA 18demo will arrive around September 15 – with the full game launching on September 29.The FIFA 17 demo dropped on September 13, with the full game arriving on September 27. FIFA 16 followed the same pattern, with the demo arriving on September 8 and the game released on the 22nd.How can I download it?The demo will appear in Origin, PS Store and Xbox Live. It’ll be ‘Featured’ so should be easy to find.If there are any issues, use the ‘search’ function and type in ‘FIFA 18 demo’.Once you find it, click ‘download’ and it’ll begin the process.How long will it take to download?We don’t know how big the file will be but make sure to download it as soon as it’s released.The servers will be under strain given just how many people will be downloading it, so the earlier, the better.
2Crosses will be more fierce in FIFA 18To give yourself the best possible chance, make sure to connect your console to an Ethernet cable. You’ll see slightly faster speeds.So, what’s in the demo?If it’s the same build EA have been showing off at their preview events, you’ll be able to play as a number of teams including Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, PSG and Juventus.Here’s the full line up:
Manchester City
Manchester United
Real Madrid
Atletico Madrid
Bayern Munich
LA Galaxy
Toronto FC
You’ll also likely be able to play through the first part of The Journey: Hunter Returns – although we wouldn’t doing that unless you’ve played the first one.No sweat,here’s what happens at the end of The Journey  – if you won’t have time to play through it.

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