FIFA 18 Tips: How to Earn FIFA Coins Quickly with Transfers

If you’re struggling to earn FIFA Coins then you’re not going to get very far in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Fortunately for you, as part of our growing guide to FIFA Ultimate Team, we have a simple and effective plan to earning coins quickly and efficiently. Once you’ve gotten your head around earning coins, you’ll be ready to start spending them on the best teams in FIFA 18. But remember, the best teams really take advantage of chemistry and how it works.


Play the transfer market – Player Popularity

If you play it right, the transfer market is the best way to earn coins fast. Just like the stock market, prices fluctuate based on supply and demand and are further influenced by current events.

A player that nobody is even looking at might put a string of outstanding performances together in real-life and have a breakout year. These players in FUT will increase in value accordingly as managers want to be seen to be on the cutting edge and include the most fashionable players in their team. Think N’Golo Kante and Riyad Marhez a couple of seasons ago, or Timo Werner and Gabriel Jesus from last season.

As such, it pays to keep an eye out for these players in real-life and add them to your team as quickly as possible while they’re still cheap. Then you can sell them on for a huge profit as their popularity grows.

Play the transfer market – Buy to Sell

Another way to game the transfer market is to take advantage of inefficient pricing used by some managers when selling their players.

What you want to look for is players listed on the transfer market for a ‘Buy Now’ price lower than the typical ‘Buy Now’ price. To find this simply highlight a player within the transfer market, click the ‘Compare Price’ button and look at their average Buy Now prices.

For instance, while typing this I am seeing Buy Now prices for Chelsea’s Pedro ranging from 10,000 coins down to 5,200. This is an incredibly inefficient market and you can take advantage of that.

What you want to do here is buy at 5,200, then relist immediately for a few hundred coins more than that – maybe 5,500 to 5,700. You’re offering a much lower price than the average, meaning you will get a buyer quickly, but you’re still turning a quick profit.

To make serious money from this method you need to turn over high volumes by buying and transfer listing lots of players at the same time. It is, though, a guaranteed method of getting rich in FUT.

Play the transfer market – Trade at odd hours

Everyone is going to be scouting the best players for the best prices on the weekends and in the evenings after work or school, so avoid those times.

The best bargains are found in the early hours of the morning and in the middle of the day during weekdays (apart from lunch times) when most people are otherwise occupied.

This drop in demand means you’ve got more chances of grabbing yourself a bargain. To help you stay on top of the transfer market during these kinds of hours when you’re likely to be away from your console you can turn to the FIFA 18 web app for help.

Use the Web App

The web app is accessible to everyone with an EA account and a copy of FIFA 18. It’s worth setting up an account to use the web app simply to get the free coins that are dished out for each daily login.

You can also use it to manage your transfer activity when you’re away from your console, so if you’re trading a lot then it makes your life easier in that regard.

Sell everything you don’t need

It sounds obvious, but don’t forget to sell everything that you don’t need. If you’re opening lots of packs and concentrating on making a profit from the transfer market it’s easy to forget that you’ve probably got cards lying about that you don’t need.

Put these to work by listing them on the transfer market. If you don’t think you can sell them at all then use the quick sell option to get rid of them immediately and make space for new, more profitable cards.

You don’t make much using the quick sell option, but you’re better off freeing up space than restricting yourself in future if a good opportunity comes along.

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