FIFA 17 Update Patch Available On PC, PS4 and Xbox One

For players who love football, I believe we will choose between EA’s and KONAMI’s live football 2017>. At present, these two games have been officially on sale.In terms of the quality of the game alone,the two are very good, and user’s evaluation and scoring are very high. However, from the sales point of view,  FIFA17 is better.Today, EA officially pushed the first upgrade patch, let’s have a look about what has been updated.

The first is the addition of the Premier League broadcast interface.When the player chooses two Premier League teams to play a friendly game or in a career mode,it willautomatically use the English style broadcast screen. In addition,the problem that the Moves (Skill) will lead to the separation of the ball has been fixed,that is, players can relax in front of the handball and do a variety of fancy action. After this update,The balance of the game affixed to the pass (even at three under long) is weakened, but it increases the failure probability of pass way.

In this update we have the new parts for your 2016/17 Premier League broadcast offer which you can easily see below for action:

Solve the following problems in the game:
Solve the problem that the command can not be cancelled
Solve  the penalty shootout in advance of the end of this rare bug
Enhanced computer AI attack tendency
Fixed the problem of losing the ball after using the action
To improve the ground ball error rate (by three key long pass)
Fixed the problem of slow speed when hitting the door frame
Fixed the problem of the goalkeeper ‘s stance during the penalty kick
Take players to improve switching kicks and penalties situation.
Fixed the defensive player’s possession of the ball
Physical and logical improvement. Into the corner
General revision of controlled celebrations .
Cut scene for contentious fouls can now be skipped.
Improved the general responsiveness of shooting.
Slightly improve the ball in the air pass reaction.

In Pro Clubs, we:
Increased experience required for the higher overall ratings in Pro Clubs.
Players can not solve the problem can not be displayed in the game

In Ultimate Team:
FUT Single Player difficulty no longer defaults to your CPU setting.
Addressed an issue where the player is forced to substitute an injured player in FUT online matches.
Corrected the shooting and crossing text in custom tactics

In Career mode, we:
Addressed a situation where the CPU AI would frequently leave star players on the bench.

Visual changes include:
Added new components of the 2016/17 Premier League broadcast package.
Updated team kits, banners and flags for Velez Sarsfield and Tigre.
The goalkeeper now correctly celebrates after catching the final penalty in a shootout.
Addressed an issue where the selected kit isn’t the one used in-game.
Fixed the problem of dropping the frame before the game
Fixed incorrect position of fog in player’s breath
General overlay fixes.
As a result, for various players, some may think that you are just making a rewrite of it and that the rewrite is lower than the previous one.  It is really intentional, but you didn’t give up a lot of development.

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In April of this year, if you are participated in the WorldGamingFIFA 17 Cup game on  PS4 and Xbox, you will have the possibility to $500.

From April 1st to April 30th, you have the chance to participate in the FIFA 17 Cup brackets to earn medals, and the number of your medals depend on your position in the game. For the winner who earn the most medals in the game will receive cash rewards at the end of the month.


For each 16-player FIFA 17 Cup bracket you can earn one of the following:
If you win the bracket, you win 10 medals.
If you go to the fourth round, you’ll get 7 medals
If you go to the third round, you’ll get 4 medals
If you sign up but don’t check in, you lose 4 medals

Monthly Prizes
For both PS4 and Xbox One, the prizes at the end of the month are:
1st place wins $100
2nd place wins $60
3rd and 4th place win $40
5th to 8th place win $20
9th to 16th place will be entered into a bracket with a prize pool of $20

Weekly Prizes
For both PS4 and Xbox One, the top 8 medal earners every week win $5.

The weeks are defined as:
Week 1: Saturday, April 1st – Sunday, April 9th
Week 2: Monday, April 10th – Sunday, April 16th
Week 3: Monday, April 17th – Sunday, April 23rd
Week 4: Monday, April 24th – Sunday, April 30th