Amateur Surgeon 4 Brings Crazy Surgeries Back to the App Store

It’s time to wield your trusty pizza cutter again, as Amateur Surgeon 4 has returned with a whole fresh set of challenges (and some old, familiar ones, too). Starting anew isn’t easy, especially when all you have at your disposal is a lighter, the aforementioned pizza cutter, and an office stapler to get the job done.

Amateur Surgeon 4 is a gloriously disgusting game. It revels in its vileness, pushing you to ever more unhygienic lengths in order to satisfy its overwhelming desire to make you feel a bit icky on the inside.It’s the sort of game that lets you use a pizza cutter to open up a patients abdomen. That allows you to start fires inside people whenever you fancy it. That gives you a stapler and tells you it’s a medical instrument that you should definitely put to good use.

Once you start to figure out how to heal different wounds, you’ll want to start picking up the pace. Try to finish operations as quickly as possible. Beating the clock means you’ll get a hefty time bonus, making for a higher score, more stars, and extra cash. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy Amateur Surgeon 4 Tools from the reputable sellers in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.

You can spend stars to unlock extra levels. Make sure you do the best job possible to get as many stars as you can for each surgery — that means beating the clock and performing an accurate and clean surgery. Repeat operations to get more stars easily. You’ll be familiar with the procedure and thus better able to continously get a good score on that particular level.

Each partner you unlock has a unique ability that will help you during an operation. That means cleaning up gunky bits or even curing a bunch of cuts at one time. These abilities function on a timer, though, so you’ll want to use them sparingly. Save the abilities for when you think you might really need them. If you’re racing against time, for example, maybe use the ability to clear out a bunch tasks that would otherwise take you longer to do.

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