The Rocket League Championship Series Season 8 Finals have come to a close

Rocket League isn’t one of Twitch’s most popular games by any stretch of the imagination. But this past weekend, it managed to assert some power as an audience generator during the Rocket League World Championship, which posted more than two million hours watched.  Despite the event being broadcast on both Twitch and YouTube, official coverage of the event helped the Rocket League Twitch channel outperform all other channels on the platform for the week. It even beat out Tyler1’s TCS, which had 1.8 million hours watched.

The Rocket League World Championship didn’t have quite the same average viewership as The Game Awards on Friday, but its 90,016 average viewers was enough to more than double all channels that broadcasted more than five hours of content. The event peaked 206,681 viewers during the Sunday finale and was also second only to The Game Awards over the weekend. No other channel eclipsed a peak of 200,000 viewers. The mark outperformed the previous World Championship in June, which hit a maximum of 176,985 viewers. If you want to Buy Rocket League blueprints, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it’s very safe.

For NRG Esports, this victory was one the team had worked years to achieve. NRG had frequently entered previous championship weekends as one of the heavy favorites, but would either get knocked out early or fall in the championship game. While GarrettG and jstn have been on the team for years, it was the addition of Rocket League legend Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver who turned out to be the difference maker. Turbopolsa was awarded the Rocket League Season 8 MVP award following the championship game.

Despite the success of the Rocket League World Championship as an event, the title still couldn’t manage to crack the top 10 most-watched categories of content on Twitch for the past seven days. Due to the game’s overall lack of prominent influencers, Rocket League posted 2.99 million hours watched, making it the 18th most-watched content in the past week. Of that, 2.5 million hours watched came from Friday through Saturday during the World Championship.

Riot Opens third-party developers to expand on League of Legends universe

Excellent news for the 8 million or so League of Legends addicts out there: Riot Games is working on expanding the League of Legends universe with help from third-party developers.Of course, it also means that the millions of LoL players all over the world will have new things to look forward to in the coming years.

Riot Forge will focus on developing “completable game experiences,” serving players who want to engage with the League of Legends universe in different genres on various platforms, while complementing the live service games being developed internally by Riot Games that were shared during its LoL 10 Year Anniversary celebration. Riot Forge partners closely with its third party developers to ensure they are supported by Riot’s teams to create fun, compelling and unique game experiences in their own voice within the League of Legends Universe.

The first is to be shown during The Game Awards 2019, scheduled for December 12. “League of Legends” is one of the biggest games in the world, not only in terms of player numbers but also estimated playtime and its global eSports footprint. Best and Cheapest League of Legends Wild Rift Accounts For Sale –

Like the rest of the Riot Games catalog, Riot Forge titles will be set in the Runeterra universe inhabited by the characters and events of multiplayer online game “League of Legends.” Mobile version “League of Legends: Wild Rift,” auto battler “Teamfight Tactics,” and digital card game “Legends of Runeterra” were three of the six spin-offs announced in October, all three due for release on Android and iOS, as opposed to “LoL” on Mac and PC platforms; “Wild Rift” will also serve as the main title’s console adaptation.

As League enters its second decade, Riot continues to evolve the game while delivering new experiences to players with Legends of Runeterra, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and multiple work-in-progress titles, while exploring the world of Runeterra through multimedia projects across music, comic books, and more.

How to reserve your name in World of Warcraft Classic

Nothing is more sacred than your name in World of Warcraft. It’s the first thing players see about you, and the name your raid leader will shout when you stand in the fire and ruin the fight. Naming yourself is a task that you can’t rush, even in the excitement of Blizzard-run Classic servers. To prevent that kind of stress on day one, Blizzard opened up a piece of World of Warcraft Classic a little early. Players can now reserve their server, character class, race, and name.

WoW Classic name reservation: How it works

The process is pretty simple. Here’s a quick rundown of how to get into WoW Classic and reserve your preferred name.

Install WoW Classic (it’s a little hidden)
Choose your realm carefully
Create a character and name it accordingly

1. You’ll find WoW Classic in the Blizzard launcher, but not on the left-side bar where every other game is. It’s within the launch page for vanilla WoW under this dropdown menu. Select it to launch or install WoW Classic.

2. Once you’re in, it’s important that you choose the right WoW Classic server (Blizzard calls them realms). You have a choice between normal, PvP, and roleplaying servers. Reserving a name for one realm doesn’t save it on another, so choose carefully. If you’re playing with friends, decide on a server together.

3. If you’re confident with your server choice, go ahead and create your character. You can’t actually play the game yet, but it’s a good opportunity to get matters settled so you can jump right into the circa-2006 goodness when August 26 rolls around. And the sooner you get in there, the more like you are to get the name you want. Hurry up and reserve Gingerspicefan99 before someone else does. If you want to Buy World of Warcraft Classic Gold, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it’s very safe.

Blizzard also notes that all of your characters in a PvP server must be aligned with the same faction. That’s a fair limitation. Otherwise, you could scope out PvP targets on your Horde character and then quickly switch to Alliance for an ambush.

EA Sports Could Have Made Improvements in FIFA Mobile

Since we last addressed gameplay before the holidays, we’ve been looking at player feedback closely to determine changes that would bring more impact to areas we hear about often. There were concerns over Goalkeeper movement and Timed Finesse accuracy, specifically from outside of the box, and we’re hoping changes covered within today’s update bring a welcomed improvement in these areas. As always, we’ll continue to monitor feedback from our community. Indeed, although the launch time of these two sports titles has not been officially announced, but Tencent’s announcement that both FIFA Mobile and FIFA Football World Mobile will “accompany the 2018 World Cup” shows that The launch of this game is not far away.

The biggest letdown in the game is the way the matches are played. You can’t play a full match against an opponent, but will only get the option to attack and score goals. The moment the ball is kicked into your half of the field, the game will fast forward by itself and you are again placed in a situation where one of player has the ball and he is close to the opponent’s goal. Multiple shot types have been nerfed in the patch, but there was also what sounds like a shooting exploit that’s been tackled. There was an issue, EA said, where a timed finesse shot would always have less error than a non-timed finesse shot, even in situations where the timed finesse shot was red or yellow. This has been fixed, with the level of error reduction for a timed finesse shot now in-line.

The events mode allows user to pick up a friendly game with any of the other players who are active in the game. The game seems to be entirely driven by these limited multiplayer modes. This explains why EA Sports has downgraded the graphics as multiplayer games take much longer to load due to heavy graphics. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy fifa mobile coins from the reputable sellers in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.

The problem was confirmed in today’s patch notes and described by EA as an issue where a timed finesse shot would always have less error than a non-timed finesse shot, even in situations where the timed finesse shot was red or yellow, meaning that even timed shots hit super early were going on target. To demonstrate the flaw and the fix, EA put together a side-by-side comparison of 100 balls kicked prior to the patch and 100 kicked after.

When you click on a white smartphone someone ‘forgot’ in the middle of the room will find a piece about FIFA Mobile. According to the simple but suggestive images given by Tencent, FO4M will have 5 control buttons on the screen. This means, players can control the player, the real interaction in the game instead of being ‘locked out’ in the current FO3M. Any online game, the manufacturer tries to bring the security system when logging in as securely as possible for customers, in which FIFA Mobile is not an exception. Remembering with FIFA Mobile version, the login process is too “easy” has made gamers extremely annoyed.

Blackwing Lair is now live in World Of Warcraft Classic

Everyone who played Vanilla WoW remembers Blackwing Lair. Maybe you didn’t actually go in because you weren’t lucky enough to wrangle 39 other people or didn’t have the time: but you probably remember when it came out and the insane ripple effect it had on its userbase.

This latest update for World Of Warcraft Classic takes players deep within the dark recesses of Blackrock Mountain’s peak where Nefarian, the eldest son of Deathwing, carries out some of his most terrible experiments of combining the eggs of different dragonflights.  Players will need to gather together their strongest allies and head towards Blackrock Spire, fighting through 8 different bosses, each with their own challenges.  These bosses include:

Razorgore the Untamed: The guy responsible for protecting and cultivating various black dragon eggs secreted away in Blackwing Lair.
Vaelastrasz the Corrupt: Vaelastrasz is a previous enemy to Nefarian but has been corrupted and forced to fight for his former opponent.
Broodlord Lashlayer: As a drakonid of the black dragonflight he is used as a frontline soldier.
Firemaw, Ebonroc, and Flamegore: Also members of the black dragonflight, each of these imposing dragons are under the command of Nefarian, but ultimately owe their loyalty to Deathwing.
Chromaggus: This unique chromatic monster created by Nefarian can harness the power of the various dragonflights and use them against its enemies.
Nefarian: The lord of Blackrock Spire and the eldest son of Deathwing.  He is also the creator of the chromatic dragonflight.

The update also brings new reputation rewards you can earn with the Argent Dawn, Timbermaw Hold, Thorium Brotherhood, Silverwing Sentinels and Warsong Outriders factions. The new class quests will take you on a journey to a place called the Temple of Atal’Hakkar, and completing them will reward you with one of three items unique to each class. In addition, Cheap Vanilla WOW Gold is on hot sale at our website

All of this stuff, including the Assault On Blackwing Lair, is live in all the WoW Classic realms right now, and there’s more info about the update on the World Of Warcraft website.

Wargaming would adding ray tracing support to World of Tanks

The ray tracing hype train is now boarding. Wargaming announced on Sunday that it’s adding ray tracing support to World of Tanks, a popular free-to-play game in which players do battle in the titular war machines, by using the Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit.

Wargaming said that World of Tanks’ ray tracing support would arrive in a coming update to its Core graphics engine. Those updates will offer support for concurrent rendering as well as ray tracing. The latter will require a graphics card that supports DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 and can be disabled from the game’s settings menu. Here’s how the company described the way ray tracing support will change its graphics:

“With the introduction of our Ray Tracing (RT) technology—developed at Wargaming with close collaboration with Intel—we can recreate the ‘main actors’ of our game in higher quality; their smallest details will give super-realistic shadows when the sun hits them. Ray Tracing further immerses you in an atmosphere of furious tank combat and provides an even more enjoyable gameplay experience.” Buy cheap WOT Gold via reputable seller, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

This is a really interesting implementation as it will not require DX12 or DXR. Not only that, but all DX11-capable GPUs will be able to support these upcoming Ray Tracing features. However, the Ray Tracing effects will be present only for intact vehicles. Damaged vehicles will not have any RT effects, so I don’t really see what’s the point here. Still, DX11 PC owners will be able to get a taste of Ray Tracing effects.

The performance degradation of Intel’s implementation is not yet known. If it’s anything like Nvidia RTX titles, it could be quite severe. However, with such a limited scope for effects, there’s a good chance it has a lessened impact to what we expect with today’s ray tracing experiences in-game.

How to get Oceara in Temtem

Temtem has become a hit since coming out into Early Access. It shares more than a couple of similarities with Pokemon, meaning you’ll be heading out in the vibrant world to capture creatures to add to your powerful team. In case you’re after a great Water type Temtem, here’s everything you need to know about how to get Oceara in Temtem.

Oceara can only be found in one spot: at the pool beneath a small waterfall on the lowest floor of the Aguamarina Caves. The caves are easy enough to navigate, but it takes a bit of time to reach the lowest floor due to the tamers you have to battle along the way. Take note that the Aguamarina Caves are only accessible once you have the surfboard, a prize that Arissola dojo master Sophia gives you when you defeat her.

The Aguamarina Caves are located in the North of the Sillaro River. Set off from Brical de Mar and use the surfboard to traverse up the river towards the northwest. The mouth of the cave is near the top of the river to the far left. If you are in lack of Temtem Pansun, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

Once you are inside the caves head towards the top of the first cavern and through the entryway. This takes you to a second cavern which is a narrow, linear curve—go straight through this cavern. The next cave is the Waterfall Pool, a small pool at the bottom of a waterfall. There will likely be a handful of other players there for the same reason as you.

Now you’re here, you know the drill. Surf around and start bumping into Water Temtem until an Oceara shows up, it’s pretty rare, so it might take a while. Since Oceara is a Water-type Temtem it’s weak against Nature, Toxic, and Electric Temtem. It’s best to stick with Nature Temtem since they can take the Water attacks and also have attacks that do little damage. It’s best to bench your Ganki—one of the best Temtem—since there’s a chance that its powerful attacks will one-punch Oceara to a premature and watery grave.

In short, to get Oceara in Temtem

1.    Head to the Aguamarina Caves

2.    Use to Surfboard to get to the Waterfall Pool

3.    Wander around to encounter Oceara, then catch it

Escape From Tarkov is the most-watched game on Twitch

While Escape From Tarkov may have seen an increase in popularity during 2019 and saw top streamers such as Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek and Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo play it frequently on stream, it was never really troubling the top dogs on Twitch.

For at least part of Monday, Tarkov was pulling in more viewers than League of Legends and Fortnite. Only the ‘Just Chatting’ category had more viewers, with 140,000.

Part of the viewership spike is thanks to a limited-time promotion Battlestate Games is currently running with Twitch, which awards viewers with unique in-game loot drops if they watch certain Tarkov streamers. Loot includes special weapon variants, optics, tools, and keys to use to open certain doors squirrelled away in Tarkov’s various raid maps. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Escape from Tarkov Euros, you can visit our website

If you’re unfamiliar with Escape from Tarkov, it’s a unique multiplayer shooter that blends survival elements, persistent gear, and PvE elements. As a PMC, you head into ‘raid’ instances around the city of Tarkov, hoping to gather gear from the environment and downed enemies before extracting to safety.

This Twitch Drops campaign has thrust Tarkov to the very top at the beginning of 2020, but can it stay there? It has already been praised highly by streamers such as Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm, who is often hyper-critical of the games he plays on stream.

The campaign has also been well-timed, with other shooters such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and CS:GO in something of a lull and very small amount of esports content being broadcast on Twitch at this time of year. Whether this is a flash in the pan or the start of a new wave of popularity for Escape From Tarkov is yet to be seen, but it’s refreshing to see a different title at the top as we start the new year.

Windows 10X Has a Start Menu Without Live Tiles

The upcoming Windows 10X operating system features a redesigned Start Menu and static icons rather than live tiles. Now, it seems that Windows 10 might receive a redesign in the same direction. A report from Windows Latest states that Microsoft is planning to replace live tiles within the Start Menu. The move would line Windows 10 up with Windows 10X and allow Microsoft to use its redesigned icons in Windows 10’s Start Menu.

Windows Latest cites “people familiar with the development” of Windows who stated that “Microsoft is planning to replace live tiles with icons in a future update after Windows 10’s 20H2 release.” If those reports are accurate, live tiles could be on their way out in 2020 or 2021. If you want to know where to buy Windows 10 CD Key Code, will be your best choice.

According to the team, the new Start Menu concept is intended to take something “chaotic” and make it “uniform.” That’s quite a change in tone for Microsoft, which previously touted Live Tiles as a way to get useful information without opening apps. We can trace the lineage of Live Tiles all the way back to Windows Phone 7, which used these visual elements on the home screen to show pictures, messages, and more. Live Tiles also became an integral part of Windows 8, which tried to do away with the traditional desktop UI. Calling that a “disaster” would be an understatement — Microsoft had to reverse course in Windows 8.1.

The new Windows 10X Start menu looks very different to the existing menu found in the desktop version of Windows 10. It includes apps you can pin in place and a list of recent documents, and looks like more of a task launcher than what exists right now. Windows 10’s Start menu design has come into focus recently after Microsoft started rolling out colorful new Windows 10 icons. The new icons clash a little with the colorful background of the Start menu tiles, and this small design update is clearly aimed at resolving that.

The PPE shortage has been characterized as one of the biggest failures in the US’s response to coronavirus

By mid-March, Megan Jansen, an ICU nurse in Salt Lake City, Utah, knew what was coming. Covid-19 had spread to major US cities like New York and Seattle, and it was a matter of time before her own hospital would be overrun with cases.She also knew that hospitals all over the country had found themselves unprepared for the deluge of coronavirus patients and the personal protective equipment (PPE) that caring for them required.

Megan didn’t know how to sew, but plenty of people in her network did, so on March 20, she started a Facebook group called Sewing for Lives. It connected health care facilities in need with those who could sew mask covers that could lengthen the life span of medical-grade N95 respirators.

Within just a few days, the Facebook group became a website with its own database, where volunteer tailors can apply and first responders can request materials. Megan, along with a handful of fellow health care workers and soon-to-be medical students, now spends her free time coordinating between mask-makers and organizations in need. And if you want to Buy KF94 Mask, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

The PPE shortage has been characterized as one of the biggest failures in the US’s response to coronavirus. For years, pandemic simulations have shown deficiencies in the availability of equipment and our ability to produce it quickly, yet the government has long underfunded disease preparedness programs. The Strategic National Stockpile included 12 million N95 respirators and 30 million surgical masks — just 1 percent of what the country requires in a pandemic scenario, according to officials.

At first, President Trump was reluctant to activate the Defense Production Act, which gives the government more control over how supplies and equipment are allocated. It wasn’t until March 27 that Trump ordered GM to ramp up its production of ventilators, although the administration was already in negotiations with the company. If invoked further, the DPA could help scale up the production of desperately needed N95 respirators, as many hospitals have had to rely on looser-fitting and less effective surgical masks.