Diablo Immortal might be a mobile take on the Diablo franchise

The role-playing game belonging to the hack ‘n’ slash genre par excellence, Diablo, will be released in the coming years (hopefully sooner!) For iOS and Android mobile devices under the name of Diablo Immortal. His announcement, as you probably remember, was not very lucky for Blizzard: in 2018 on the occasion of BlizzCon the world was waiting for an announcement related to Diablo IV (which will happen the following year), so Immortal “was born in a bad light”, to our advice undeservedly. Well, Blizzard’s Wyatt Cheng is back to talk about the first chapter in the mobile version of the entire saga (the video awaits you at the bottom of the news). Among the many aspects analyzed by the Software House, we want to focus on the interpretation that Blizzard has given to the concept of free-to-play.

Two years later, with Diablo 4 duly announced, the terrain finally seems more propitious for Immortal to find his own space in the heart of the crowd. From what we have seen so far, more than recovering from a turbulent revelation, there are even good chances that the game will establish itself as one of the best mobile options on the market!

However, Blizzard then announced Diablo Immortal, and contrary to what people expected, it is a mobile game and not a PC game. The backlash was incredibly bad, and the fallout of the announcement was incredible. Though the company did state that Diablo 4 is also in development, a lot of fans felt betrayed by this move. However, some still feel hopeful about this game and tempered their disappointment.

What Is The Diablo Immortal Story?
Diablo Immortal might be a mobile take on the Diablo franchise but it’s not going to be a watered-down version. Instead, it will feature the same experience that fans have come to love and expect from the AAA dungeon crawler. The main difference is that the controls are designed specifically for touchscreen smartphones rather than a controller or a mouse.

Very complete and familiar gameplay
If you were afraid of Diablo Immortal sacrificing many of the mechanics seen in the main games in the series, rest assured, as the game has been expertly adapted for the touch screen of smart devices following many of the conventions seen in other successful mobile games. Of course, the setup is not as comfortable as a mouse and keyboard, but the system breaks the branch in a very competent way.

diablo immortal

If you were present in the early months of Diablo 3 and witnessed all the controversies about the game’s auction system, you’ll be happy to know that Diablo Immortal makes a point of staying away from it. “We will have a market between players, but it is not like the auction house for Diablo 3,” Wyatt reassured us.

“In our market, we do not sell equipment, because, as we have already discussed, these items need to be obtained on their own. You can buy and sell building materials, normal and legendary gems, and all transitions are anonymous, so you don’t know who you are buying or selling from. The idea is for everyone to safely participate in the social ecosystem, with prices going up or down according to the demand of the players. ”

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