Equipment in MapleStory M Reinforcement Strategy Equip Enhancement Game Guide

Weapon reinforcement in MapleStory M is necessary to be clarified, otherwise the weapon’s reputation is wonderfully broken, but we can’t cry. Let’s take a look at the enhanced gameplay guide for the equipment. The quality of the equipment can be selected by comparing the scores.

Intensification is divided into equipment enhancement, equipment inheritance and gold hammer. It is a hint that your probability of success is beyond the scope of the display. After confirming, start the Star Power game, cancel the equipment-enhanced GAME option, and you will not play the game, and there will be no increase in the probability of success. Successfully stopping the stars within the specified range can increase the probability of success by 5%.

Enhancement can improve the performance of the equipment. The higher the equipment level, the higher the attribute bonus and the higher the cost. There are three situations in which a reinforcement failure occurs: failure maintenance, failure down.

Equipment Decomposition System

Select the unneeded equipment to disassemble and consume the coins to get Rubik’s Cube and Maple Coin. The obtained Rubik’s Cube and Maple Coin are random within the range indicated. The higher the quality of the equipment, the higher the profit of the decomposition, and the more coins are consumed. The strange Rubik’s Cube can reset the equipment potential. The higher the equipment level, the more it consumes. The Maple Coin can be exchanged for equipment in the corresponding NPC, which will be detailed in the game data.

Cube And Maple Coin

Weapons, armor, accessories, mounts currently worn. Fashion, title, special effects, and chairs currently worn. The current pets can be summoned up to 3; the pet level is limited to Lv.30, and the attribute bonus and feeding consumption will be detailed in the game data.

Detailed Store Play

There are a variety of shops, equipment stores, grocery stores, and maple leaf exchange shops. Train your equipment and purchase it at the equipment store. If you are you looking for more about MapleStory M Currency check out our website. In general, the equipment properties purchased are low. Not only can you buy or sell equipment you don’t use in the store. You can click on multiple items for bulk sale. Of course, if the hand sells useful equipment, you can redeem the equipment through the repurchase function.

The price of different bonus pools is different from that of 11 companies, and the depth is different. The following three treasure chests correspond to the weapon pool, armor pool and jewelry pool. On the right side you can see the character’s occupation, combat power, health, mana and location map.

Initially offer 5 free character slots, 2 paid role slots, each with 500 diamonds. The newly created role cannot be deleted immediately, and the system protection time is passed. Deleting the role requires outputting MapleStory M in sequence. Choose from 5 occupations, a variety of hair styles, face types, skin color, hair color to choose from. Initial combat power ranking: Black Knight, Bishop, Captain, Marksman, Hermit.

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