Lowe’s launches ‘Shark Tank’-like

Lowe’s Gift Cards Every day small businesses across America struggle to get their products in front of a company or business leader who can propel them forward into the hands of the masses – and entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities face even tougher obstacles. Today Lowe’s and Daymond John star of ABC’s Shark Tank and a New York Times best-selling author are creating opportunities for diverse small businesses to pitch their products to a Fortune 50 company providing the platform and letting the entrepreneur do the rest.

That will allow a small number of entrepreneurs to pitch their products directly to Lowe’s sidestepping a traditionally arduous process of getting their goods sold in 2,200 stores run by the Mooresville North Carolina-based company as well as on lowes.com.

“Although we’re a big company we’re fortunate to be classified as an Cheap Lowe’s Gift Cards essential business we understand that the success of our broader macro economy is going to be the small businesses and the ability for small businesses to continue to grow and thrive,” Ellison said. “We understand that Covid-19 has created an incredible strain on the economic viability of many of these small businesses. We are as a large company doing our best to help.”

From Sept. 15 through Sept. 25 diverse small business owners can apply on Lowes.com/MakingItWithLowes. After Lowe’s identifies an initial 375 small businesses the pool will narrow to 75 who will be invited to submit more in-depth stories via video. Along the way it also provides a shot at gleaning mentoring advice and support from a FORTUNE® 50 retailer committed to boosting the very backbone of America’s economy.

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