Madden NFL 18 Update Biggest Changes Made

A new update is now live in “Madden NFL 18″ which focuses on some pretty major gameplay changes. EA published the update on their website on Nov. 21, complete with the full patch notes.

One of the major changes in the latest update is that developers added logic on all Game Styles so that players who manage to perform a “Perfect Kick” will no longer be kick-blocked. To execute this move, Kick Power must be at 100 percent while the Accuracy Meter must be “stopped within the kicker’s accuracy window.”

Also, to those players who use the move “Pump Fake” often, it is now controlled with the left stick. Before, “pump fake” was controlled by pushing the right stick up. So, it might take a while to get used to. The reason for this was to remove players’ tendency to execute a “Pump Fake” accidentally when trying to throw the ball away.


Other major updates in gameplay include: “Adjusted pass blockers being hurdled too frequently by defenders; Fixed an issue that removed the VICIS helmets from offline CFM; Adjusted logic around QB Contain defensive assignment; adjusted logic around QB Contain defensive assignment, and Tuned to improve tackling ball carriers during broken tackle animations.”

The developers also noted in the patch that they are aware of the issue in Franchise mode where PlayStation 4 players sometimes encounter a lag when playing. Although the issue has not been fixed yet, the developers promised players that the issue is their top priority and will be resolved as soon as possible.

In other news, “Madden NFL 18″ is one of the video game titles to be included in the upcoming Black Friday sale. Although prices may vary depending on the retailer, prospective buyers will be promised a good deal in the amount of discount they are going to get.

Still, the availability of the game during Black Friday depends on the stock that retailers have in hand. So, players who want to get their hands on the latest “Madden NFL” must take advantage of the big sale on Black Friday.

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