NHL 21:beta test registration open

nhl 21 coins for sale Electronic Arts misses players in the NHL 21 closed beta test.

Registration for the beta test is already open here. Eager participants will need to find an EA account and of course either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for whom the actual game will eventually be released. The achievements earned during the test phase will not be maintained if NHL 21 finally ends up on the shopping list after release. The exact timing or content of the beta has not yet been announced.

As Electronic Arts announced interested players will have the opportunity in the coming weeks to take a first detailed look at “NHL 21″ as part of a closed beta or a technical test and provide the developers with valuable feedback. The closed beta which is made available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has not yet been given a specific date.

NHL 21 will be released on October 16th. The disc has been promised to roll nicely on the next generation of consoles as well although these are not yet getting their own version.

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