The world of Old School RuneScape has expanded with the release Song of the Elves

It’s been 17 years in the making, but the biggest quest in Old School RuneScape is coming to an end. The saga began in 2002 with the launch of Plague City, the first story quest of OS RuneScape. With the latest update, that quest has reached its end with Song of the Elves.

Seventeen years is a long, long, time to see a story quest wrap up. Naturally, I suspect many Old School RuneScape players out there are no doubt grinding away to finally complete this mother of a mission. You’ll need the grind, too, by the by. According to developer Jagex, you can’t simply strut into the elvish city of Prifddinas just because you feel like it.

Do this, and you’ll be rewarded. If you complete the Song of the Elves quest you’ll get to enter the legendary elven capital city – Prifddinas. As the blog post highlights, the city has been tucked away in the OSRS map since 2004, and now at last you’ll get to enter its ornamental gates. It’s brimming with unique shops for you to visit and people to meet, and at its heart lies the Tower of Voices in all its elven splendour. Each of the city’s zones, linked to one of eight clans, has its own special character – they’re for you to explore.

Prifddinas is also packed with other activities to complete, like an agility course, dungeon, and more, all of which will yield Crystal Shards as rewards for completing them. Use these to charge up some of your weapons and equipment.

“Song of the Elves is yet another major release for Old School RuneScape, and one of the game’s most significant content updates, following its surge in popularity thanks to the legions of mobile players joining desktop players,” said John Colgrave, product manager for Jagex, in the press release. “The launch of Prifddinas highlights the symbiotic relationship between Old School and RuneScape and is a great example of how the two games influence each other. Originally released in 2014, Prifddinas has been given an ‘Old School’ overhaul and the time has arrived to hand the keys of the elven city to our players.” Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Old School RuneScape Money from at a reasonable price.

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