Tom and Jerry return to theaters and HBO Max in a hipster

Tom and Jerry return to theaters and HBO Max in a hipster, live-action film that’s strictly for younger children. The classic Hanna-Barbera cat and mouse cartoon are still the best of frenemies. But get a modern update that rankled my old-school sensibilities. I knew things were going to be different when an animated pigeon starts rapping in the opening scene. The film isn’t a musical, but there are a few auto-tuned songs that turned me off completely. That said, Tom & Jerry are still up to the usual bag of tricks. Tom chases Jerry, gets pummelled in numerous creative ways, and Jerry escapes laughing. Kids will be entertained by the hijinks. Adults and fans of the shorts will find the updated storyline lacking.

Of course, “Tom and Jerry made more money its opening weekend than Tenet” isn’t the shocking sentence it would be in, say, 2018, given the social-distancing guidelines designed to protect would-be moviegoers from contracting and spreading COVID-19. Still, considering Tom and Jerry is also simultaneously available on HBO Max, it seems like encouraging news for movie theaters that people will still turn out to see a show. It’s also good news for Tom and Jerry themselves. It must be stressful to be constantly fighting all the time, so maybe this will help take the edge off.

Tom and Jerry got their first feature-length theatrical animated film back in 1992, but it turned off fans for deviating too much from the formula (for example, Tom and Jerry spoke constantly and were friends for most of it) and was a box office failure. We now have another from director Tim Story, this time as a live-action/animated hybrid film. While the new ‘Tom & Jerry’ fares better in capturing the spirit of the original shorts, the movie as a whole still falls short as a family-friendly comedy.

Even the people who will end up loving this movie (read: rubes and literal children) aren’t going to care about whether Kayla will hook up with the nice, boring bartender Cameron (Jordan Bolger) or if Preeta and Ben will make it through the wedding okay. It’s been a good long while since I’ve seen a film this resigned to its perfunctory B-plots. Even game actors like Moretz and Jeong don’t even seem to be having fun; Rob Delaney as a kooky, credulous hotel manager and Kristen-Schaal-weird bellhop Joy (Patsy Ferran) are the only actors truly vibing at the wavelength this film should be on.

Tom & Jerry’s human elements are frankly negligible. The ensemble cast are talented actors, but aren’t humorous or entertaining. Tom & Jerry’s shenanigans with Spike and Toots are the animated highlights. They cause rampant destruction, which elicited minor chuckles along the way. Children will be amused by these scenes, but I don’t believe the hour and forty minute runtime will hold their interest. This version of Tom & Jerry may gain a new audience, but probably won’t appeal to older and die-hard fans. Tom & Jerry is produced by Warner Animation Group, Hanna-Barbera Productions, and Turner Entertainment. It will be released concurrently by Warner Bros. in theaters and HBO Max streaming on February 26th.

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