Commandos 2:We Do Not Want to Encourage Racism

Buy Commando 2 Currency The recently released Commandos 2 – HD Remaster has been scrubbed of all depictions of Nazi Swastikas and the Rising Sun of Imperial Japan with the game’s publisher citing outdated censorship laws and a “moral responsibility” as reasons to remove the symbols.

On August 16th 2019 Kalypso Media confirmed to a German Twitter user that Commandos 2 – HD Remaster would be censored.

“The law is still the same only the USK has loosened its rules by examining games with such content in the first place. And no – there will be no swastikas in Commandos 2 – HD Remaster any more than any other prohibited symbol.

However despite the company’s continual reference to “the law” preventing the use of Swastika and Rising Sun imagery no such laws currently exist in any country. Germany who had previously banned Swastikas from being featured in video games repealed their ban on the use of the Nazi image in full in 2018. With their reference to the rating body USK who now inspects and approves each project requesting to use the symbol it is possible that Kalypso Media sought to avoid the inspection process all together in order to make their shipping date.

Continuing with the additions and improvements this edition includes a small initial tutorial that will introduce us to the basic mechanics of the game instead of leaving us to our air from the first moment as it happened in the original game. This addition seems key to us so that new players have a base from which to start before entering the strategic hell in which some of the most complicated missions of the work can become.

In short Cheap Commando 2 Currency Commandos 2 & Praetorians HD Remaster Double Pack remains an interesting compilation only for fans of the work of Pyro Studios who are willing to overlook the errors that can tarnish the gaming experience.

To amp up your gaming experience provides players with the easiest and safest Commando 2: Battle of Asia trading in the market today. With our extensive roster of trusted sellers you can find the best deal for all the Cheap Commando 2 Currency for Sale you need.

310 thoughts on “Commandos 2:We Do Not Want to Encourage Racism

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