Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory ,all up, there are 143 songs

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Coins The new Kingdom Hearts game comes out this week. As we all know Melody of Memory will be a major departure from the series gameplay-wise. While players will be beating up Heartless and Nobodies to the rhythm of music from previous Kingdom Hearts games Kairi will also be reliving the events of those games acting as a sort of series recap. Today we are learning which songs we will be playing through when the game launches. The Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory songs span all the games and even beyond.

Well today is your lucky day – with ResetEra user Chaserjoey sharing what is described as the “complete list of songs” for this upcoming rhythm-action entry. All up there are “143 songs” and every single one is included in the base game.

Yes the original tracks from the Disney films are going to be in the setlist. While “Beauty and the Beast” was briefly alluded to Kingdom Hearts 2 the former two have not appeared. Alongside the track “Let It Go” from Frozen it seems like Melody of Memory will be a celebration of some classic Disney tunes as well as others from Yoko Shimomura’s outstanding soundtracks over the years.

The list of music comes by way of KHInsider. The fan-made Kingdom Hearts news site compiled the list from every song Square Enix has confirmed to be in the game on its official Japanese site. Keeping that in mind the list isn’t entirely comprehensive. Square Enix may update its site again before Melody of Memory’s Kingdom Hearts MOM Coins release date occurs next week. So for those who can’t find their favorite song on the list it’s possible that it just hasn’t received official confirmation yet.

KHInsider has the total up to 143 so far – and the amount of songs Square Enix has promised is over 140 – so we’ll have our fingers crossed for more. Regardless it has a staggering amount of content with 47 worlds being represented in the game. We do know there won’t be anything new so don’t expect a random world like Treasure Planet showing up (despite the idea of it being awesome).

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