All players can pick up a free pet in World of Warcraft

Recently, all players can pick up a free pet in World of Warcraft. The little monkey Bananas is accessible to all players because the players have so diligently donated to a good cause. We’ll tell you how you can get the pet – and help unlock another pet.

In the previous, Bananas might solely be obtained by redeeming a code on the King Mukla card from the World of Warcraft buying and selling card sport growth ‘By means of the Darkish Portal.’ As the TCG is now defunct, Bananas grew to become a lot rarer over the years because it frequently went for upwards of a number of hundred thousand in-sport gold on the Public sale Home or its black market model. Happily, gamers have already donated $500,000 USD to Docs With out Borders in a number of days which means everybody can now undertake their very own Bananas without spending a dime.

Why is bananas free now? This is due to the fundraiser. This year, Blizzard is supporting the “Doctors Without Borders” charity campaign, which takes care of those affected by the corona pandemic in many countries. If the WoW players donate to the organization and the total amount exceeds certain limits, the pets are activated for all players – regardless of whether they have donated themselves or not.

Bananas were now available for $ 500,000.
Daisy, the cute sloth, is priced at $ 1,000,000.

Donors can track the overall progress of these goals through the DonorDrive website. Content creators on Twitch can also use a special plug-in available through DonorDrive to track their community’s contributions to fundraising programs on their channels.

The fundraising campaign will run until April 26th, 2021 and at the moment we seem to be on the right track to reach our second donation goal. After all, there is still a whole month left. If you want to donate yourself, or just want to find out about the progress, you can do so on the donation page of Doctors Without Borders.

As a result of Bananas will likely be redeemable from the Blizzard Store till August 1st, be cautious of different gamers making an attempt to offload TCG copies of this battle pet for gold on the Public sale Home or by way of commerce chat. On the different hand, it’s potential costs for Bananas will return up after the promotion is over, so buying a couple of at their least expensive could also be a good funding in the long term.

To get Bananas, players must first log into the Blizzard Shop. This can be done through an online browser or via the Battle.Net client. Once logged on, use the left and right arrows to navigate through different banners near the top of the page until the Charity Milestone reached message appears. Alternatively, players can press the pause button in the upper left corner to stop auto rotating of the banners and press the third tab under the banners to automatically switch it to the Charity Drive.

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Tom and Jerry return to theaters and HBO Max in a hipster

Tom and Jerry return to theaters and HBO Max in a hipster, live-action film that’s strictly for younger children. The classic Hanna-Barbera cat and mouse cartoon are still the best of frenemies. But get a modern update that rankled my old-school sensibilities. I knew things were going to be different when an animated pigeon starts rapping in the opening scene. The film isn’t a musical, but there are a few auto-tuned songs that turned me off completely. That said, Tom & Jerry are still up to the usual bag of tricks. Tom chases Jerry, gets pummelled in numerous creative ways, and Jerry escapes laughing. Kids will be entertained by the hijinks. Adults and fans of the shorts will find the updated storyline lacking.

Of course, “Tom and Jerry made more money its opening weekend than Tenet” isn’t the shocking sentence it would be in, say, 2018, given the social-distancing guidelines designed to protect would-be moviegoers from contracting and spreading COVID-19. Still, considering Tom and Jerry is also simultaneously available on HBO Max, it seems like encouraging news for movie theaters that people will still turn out to see a show. It’s also good news for Tom and Jerry themselves. It must be stressful to be constantly fighting all the time, so maybe this will help take the edge off.

Tom and Jerry got their first feature-length theatrical animated film back in 1992, but it turned off fans for deviating too much from the formula (for example, Tom and Jerry spoke constantly and were friends for most of it) and was a box office failure. We now have another from director Tim Story, this time as a live-action/animated hybrid film. While the new ‘Tom & Jerry’ fares better in capturing the spirit of the original shorts, the movie as a whole still falls short as a family-friendly comedy.

Even the people who will end up loving this movie (read: rubes and literal children) aren’t going to care about whether Kayla will hook up with the nice, boring bartender Cameron (Jordan Bolger) or if Preeta and Ben will make it through the wedding okay. It’s been a good long while since I’ve seen a film this resigned to its perfunctory B-plots. Even game actors like Moretz and Jeong don’t even seem to be having fun; Rob Delaney as a kooky, credulous hotel manager and Kristen-Schaal-weird bellhop Joy (Patsy Ferran) are the only actors truly vibing at the wavelength this film should be on.

Tom & Jerry’s human elements are frankly negligible. The ensemble cast are talented actors, but aren’t humorous or entertaining. Tom & Jerry’s shenanigans with Spike and Toots are the animated highlights. They cause rampant destruction, which elicited minor chuckles along the way. Children will be amused by these scenes, but I don’t believe the hour and forty minute runtime will hold their interest. This version of Tom & Jerry may gain a new audience, but probably won’t appeal to older and die-hard fans. Tom & Jerry is produced by Warner Animation Group, Hanna-Barbera Productions, and Turner Entertainment. It will be released concurrently by Warner Bros. in theaters and HBO Max streaming on February 26th.

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If you want to learn what are some of the latest working codes for Immortal Legend: Idle RPG

Immortal Legend: Idle RPG is an idle MMORPG developed by UnlockGame. The game sets players in a tumultuous battlefield where their character fights to gain power and transform into a Celestial. Along the way players unlock new skills and customize their characters with equipment and outfits.

If you want to learn what are some of the latest working codes for Immortal Legend, then you’re in the perfect place. Today we are going to take a look at all the redeem codes for Immortal Legend: Idle RPG and help you get some free loot in game!

These codes will help you obtain some premium currency, as well as some other freebies that should be more than welcome to power up your hero, no matter which class you went for! So without further ado, let’s check them out!

Valid Codes

There are tons of amazing rewards waiting for you, but you won’t miss any of them, because this codes list is always updated

PA4RLX0H – Valid until 02/26/21 – Redeem this gift code and receive amazing rewards
idle888 – Valid until Unknown – Redeem this gift code and receive amazing rewards

How to redeem codes in Immortal Legend?
Before you can redeem any codes, make sure you played through the tutorial (as much as you could) and unlocked all the menu options. Otherwise, you might not be able to see the redeem codes menu.

Step 1: Head on to the Benefits Mall in the upper left corner of the screen (if you don’t see it, open the fold menu).
Step 2: Select the CDK option in the bottom side of the screen.
Step 3: Type in your code, and then hit Claim.
Step 4: Open the Envelope that will appear on your main game interface underneath your character, and claim all your rewards.

Immortal: Reborn is published by LTgames, a Chinese publisher previously responsible for Dungeon Survivor II, which currently has 1.2 million users, and Fury Survivor: Pixel Z, a pixel art zombie game that had over 1.4 million pre-registered users and over 2.7 million users within a month of launch.

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Diablo Immortal is shaping up to be the perfect way to take this iconic series on the road

Ah, Sanctuary. It’s good to be back. Adventuring through Diablo’s bleak, harrowing and evil-infested world in the recent alpha was just the respite I needed from our own bleak, harrowing and evil-infested world. Anyway, after spending a dozen or so hours with it, I can report that Diablo Immortal is absolutely a game to be hyped about. It’s great – a proper new entry in the series, and not – as some feared – a watered down mobile lookalike.

The main purpose of the alpha though is of course to gather feedback from players. Blizzard wants to make Diablo Immortal the best it can possibly be. So it was eager to get the game into the hands of players for test feedback.

Diablo 3, when combined with Reaper of Souls, is one of the best-selling games of all time. Diablo Immortal, despite all the initial memes, is essentially a second expansion of Diablo 3, though at the “cost” of being a bit of a stripped-down version of it with fewer skills and weapons and such. But it works, and is still innately fun to play, even with dreaded touch controls which work far better in isometric view than say, the 3D world of Genshin Impact.

My impressions of the game have been largely positive so far as I’ve messed around with the Barbarian and Demon Hunter classes here on day one. My takeaway is that this effectively feels like a quasi-expansion for Diablo 3, stripped down and simplified on mobile, injected with some MMO elements, some for better, others possibly for worse. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying myself overall and the Diablo superfan in me is already feeling the pings of danger that this may be something I get addicted to when it’s fully live.

Not just for games in its immediate genre, but for all mobile games. It’s good. Really, good. And if there’s anything Blizzard could learn from the Diablo Immortal alpha from its players, it’s that it should keep on doing what it’s doing. Mostly. Things aren’t that simple though.

Diablo: Immortal

I wasn’t able to spend real money during the alpha, but I felt no compunction to do so, nor did I feel like I was missing out on anything by purely playing Immortal free-to-play. This game has an awful lot of compelling gameplay and content for free, and all future content will also remain free, whether it’s new gear, areas, features or even classes. The proof will be in the playing, of course, but at this point the real-money options seem like they won’t be necessary to enjoy Diablo Immortal, but instead will be a nice bonus for those that are already in deep.

Personally, I can’t wait for my next chance to play, so here’s hoping for a beta soon. Diablo Immortal is shaping up to be the perfect way to take this iconic series on the road, and that’s something to be excited about.

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Voting is officially open for FIFA 21 Team of the Year players

EA SPORTS have confirmed the FIFA 21 Team of the Year promo is coming soon to Ultimate Team, and the community will decide who will feature once again with their votes.

Why you might ask? Well, FUTMAS is typically the precursor for Team of the Year – or TOTY, for short. Not to be confused with Team of the Season, which releases in the summer, this promo is all about the best players in the game.

The promo typically produces some of the best, non-icon cards in FIFA, and in FIFA 20, it was actually tied at the hip with FUTMAS. So, will it be the same this year? Here’s what we know so far.

How to vote for the FIFA 21 TOTY
To vote for the TOTY players, you need to visit FIFA 21‘s official voting page. On here, you will get to choose one player in each position from a set of nominees. You don’t choose exact positions, however, except for Goalkeeper. Here’s who you can vote for:

One Goalkeeper
Four Defenders from a set of Centerbacks and Fullbacks
Three Midfielders from a set of CMs, CAMs, CDMs, LMs, and RMs
Three Attackers from a set of STs, RWs, LWs, and CFs

Once you have chosen the players you think are most deserving, you can submit your vote. You will have to agree to the terms and conditions, and then you will also be able to download the image of your team and share who you voted for.

Announcing the start of the FIFA 21 Team of the Year voting EA said: “Choose the best 11 players of the last 12 months of football before voting closes on January 18, and your vote will count towards the EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Team of the Year!

So, let’s take a look at who has been nominated by EA SPORTS this time.


De Vrij
Jesus Navas
Jordi Alba
Sergio Ramos
Van Dijk
Thiago Silva

Bruno Fernandes
De Bruyne
Luis Alberto
Renato Sanches

Andre Silva
Ben Yedder
Di Maria
Joao Felix
Neymar Jr

FIFA 21 Team of the Year predictions

Here’s some predictions we prepared for the event. Now you can see how accurate, or badly, we called it.

GK: Alisson Becker – Liverpool
GK: Thibaut Courtois – Real Madrid
GK: Manuel Neuer – Bayern Munich
GK: Jan Oblak – Atletico Madrid
CB: Virgil Van Dijk – Liverpool
CB: Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid
LB: Alphonso Davies – Bayern Munich
LB: Andrew Robertson – Liverpool
RB: Trent Alexander-Arnold – Liverpool
RB/CDM: Joshua Kimmich – Bayern Munich
CM: Thiago – Liverpool
CM: Frenkie De Jong – Barcelona
CM: Jordan Henderson – Liverpool
CAM: Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City
CAM: Bruno Fernandes – Manchester United
CAM: Thomas Muller – Bayern Munich
RW: Lionel Messi – Barcelona
RW: Mohamed Salah – Liverpool
LW: Sadio Mane – Liverpool
LW: Neymar – PSG
LW: Heung Min-Son – Tottenham Hotspur
ST: Cristiano Ronaldo – Juventus
ST: Karim Benzema – Real Madrid
ST: Harry Kane – Tottenham Hotspur
ST: Erling Haaland – Borussia Dortmund
ST: Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich
ST: Romelu Lukaku – Inter Milan
ST: Kylian Mbappe – PSG

Why vote?
The TOTY players will get some of the best cards in the entire game with incredibly good stats. Who gets these cards will have a big impact on the metagame in FIFA 21. If there’s a card you would love to see get a huge boost, voting for it could help you get it. The more people that vote, the more accurate the vote will be as well.

Be sure to make your voice heard and take a few minutes to vote for the FIFA 21 Team of the Year. Be sure to stay tuned to see who actually ends up winning cards as well! Show us who you decided to vote for in the comments below. is the leading marketplace for trading FIFA Mobile Coins. Buyers are guaranteed delivery, and sellers are fully protected against payment fraud. Our traders are real gamers, and we do not support the use of scamming bots. Best Place to Buy Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins, FIFA Mobile 20 Coins, FIFA Soccer Coins now, and get the best deals today!

How to complete Headliners Cunha Objectives challenge

This time we have access to a promotion that came with the new year, where you have to complete a new challenge, in order to obtain an item with 84 OVR Headliners from Matheus Cunha, but you have to go through some obstacles to solve How to complete the goals of Matheus Cunha of the FUT headliners and to help us we have the following content.
Matheus Cunha
How to complete Headliners Cunha Objectives challenge
For this particular challenge, FIFA players will need to complete five different objectives. Each objective must be fulfilled in the Live FUT Friendly: Headliners challenge. In the Headliners challenge, users must construct a lineup that features footballers from seven different leagues. Keep that in mind when building a lineup for these friendlies.

The Headliners promotion will release upgraded players based on individual and team performances throughout the 2020-21 season with the possibility of additional upgrades for those who stand out.

This is Matheus Cunha’s second special card. EA generally increased all of his skills when compared to his 78-rated gold version, including his Passing (+8), Pace (+7), Physical (+7), Shooting (+6), and Dribbling (+6).

You’ll have until Jan. 8 to complete all of Headliners Matheus Cunha’s objectives and earn the card. Here are the five objectives you’ll need to complete to earn Headliners Cunha.

Raising the Heat: Score an outside of the box goal in a win in the Live FUT Friendly: Headliners Challenge.
Schorching Samba: Score and assist using Brazilian players in two separate wins in the Live FUT Friendly: Headliners Challenge.
Through Temperature: Assist a goal with a through ball using players with a minimum four-star weak foot in three separate wins in the Live FUT Friendly: Headliners Challenge.
Headline Hero: Win four matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Headliners Challenge.
Scoring Streak: Score in 10 separate matches using Bundesliga players in the Live FUT Friendly: Headliners Challenge.

For the proper alignment that allows us the correct construction to face these challenges we have to consider the following:

With 80 OVR RW Givanildo Hulk Vieira de Souza
With 83 OVR CM Paulinho
With 83 OVR LM Thorgan Hazard
With 83 OVR RM Lucas Moura
With 84 OVE LM Guerreiro
With 84 OVR LM Douglas Costa
WITH 85 OVR RM Serge Gnabry
WITH 87 OVR CF Roberto Firmino
WITH 88 OVR CDM Joshua Kimmich
WITH 91 OVR ST Robert Lewandowski

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We will give tips and the latest spot spots of Toram Online

Leveling up in Toram Online is a quite importat thing for players, and players always want to figure out the tips to level up quickly. Today, we will list some best tips to help you to level up fast in Toram Online.

The best way to level is doing main quest. Set all bosses to easy and hire a high level merc and it goes pretty fast. Next best way is killing bosses on ultimate or nightmare difficulties which are within 4 levels of you. Next is killing mobs within 4 levels of you. Slowest (but arguably easiest) way of leveling is side quests, namely bnut farming quest from levels 25 – 55, and Nightmare Crystal farming quest at level 55+.
Toram Online
Choosing Gear
What is an Rpg game without gears and items? It’s trash. Yeah, all rpg games including Toram Online wields variety of gears and items that we can use to advance through the story. Even when you’re level 100 but you can’t always defeat a level 60 boss with barehanded and no skills. You need gears and that’s what you need until you finished the story.

So… How to find a perfect gear you say? Well, a perfect gear to use is a gear that can inflict high damages to monsters, enhanced your stats and have slots for crysta. I’m not forcing you to buy or make a perfect gear, just a weapon with intense damage and an armor that protects would do. Once you advance deeper into the game’s storyline, you’ll find how important perfect gears is. How to get them? okay okay. You can either buy them from or the consignment board for a price or just try your luck by creating them using your blacksmith skills or just hand the materials over to the blacksmith. There, you need just hope and effort to get them since they are not falling from the sky like rain.

Similarly while leveling up skills, only level up the skills you need and don’t waste points.

Now let’s talk about leveling. Completing the Main Quest can be the best option for leveling as it gives a lot of Experience. You can easily reach level 120 by completing the main quest. Once you complete the main quest till ‘Chapter 3: The Ancient Empress’, you can take a quest named ‘Pride Of The Rich’ from Lefina in Sofya City.

For this quest in Toram, you will have to collect a stack of Nightmare Crystals which can be farmed from Nightmare Roar in Ancient Empress Tomb: Deepest Part.

Spina is the name of the currency in the game. As a beginner the best way for earning Spina is farming Minotaur Skins at Ruined Temple: Forbidden Hall from Boss Minotaur.

A stack of Minotaur Skins sells for 150,000 spinas or more on Consignment Board.

If for some reason Minotaur Skins aren’t sold, you can submit them to Lefina in Sofya City for quest named ‘Proof Of Courage’.

Take the Daily Emblem Prize
Before you move to the level up, you better take the bonus daily emblem prize first because the prize is an additional exp of 50%. Not bad than nothing at all? So what daily emblem should be taken?

That’s it, I hope this will be useful as a Beginner’s for Toram Online.Also… I recommend to ask your friends or guildmates to help you with gears just to complete a boss fights. This suggestion is optional and also have 40-60 chance of success on getting a new gear xD.

FIFA Mobile has been officially launched on Monday, 2nd November

After EA Sports released the FIFA 21 worldwide on 9th October, it is now time for FIFA Mobile. The new season of FIFA Mobile has been officially launched on Monday, 2nd November.

Like with the previous years, your FIFA Mobile journey is going to rollover to the new Season. While everyone gets the chance to build a new squad, players still have the ability to play with their Legacy Team.

A Legacy Team is one that lets players take their current Season’s Active Lineup and then carry it to the new Season and use it in special Campaign Events as well as challenges that have been designed for them. That means the higher the Legacy Team OVR, the better the rewards received from playing in the events.
fifa mobile
As the new season of FIFA 21 was launched, there’s also some doubt regarding which items will be carried over and which won’t. So here’s to clear your doubt:
Which items will reset?

Account Level
Roster (except Legacy Team)
Skill Boosts
League Record
VIP Level
Training XP

Which items won’t reset?

FIFA Point Balance
Now and Later Packs
User Logos
Your Legacy Team

In this new season of FIFA Mobile, EA have made improvements to the features, gameplay, and content of each Season, while maintaining everything that the users love about the game. While a new Season gives you the opportunity to build a new squad, the ability to play with your Legacy team will still be available.

Talking about the rest of the features, gameplay, and content of each season, EA has mentioned that they have made a few improvements in each and every sector. However, they have kept in mind why their users love the game. So, they have kept Your Legacy Team well and safe. As a result, you can use that to play matches. FIFA 2021 has been a blockbuster hit amongst gamers till now. However, soon we will come to know whether FIFA Mobile 2021 will be receiving the same success or not.

If you’re excited for the upcoming new Season, there’s another thing you need to keep in mind. That is, be sure to check if the specs of your device meets the requirements. These are:

iPhone 5s and later.
iPod Touch (6th Gen).
iPod Air and later.
iPad Mini 2 and later.
At least 1GB Ram.
ARM based, Quad Core (with a clock speed of 1GHz).
Android OS version 6.0 or later. is the leading marketplace for trading FIFA Mobile Coins. Buyers are guaranteed delivery, and sellers are fully protected against payment fraud. Our traders are real gamers, and we do not support the use of scamming bots. Best Place to Buy Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins, FIFA Mobile 20 Coins, FIFA Soccer Coins now, and get the best deals today!